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Barkbox Review - October 2013

October 2013 Barkbox

I love looking forward to the middle of each month because that means Macho's Barkbox is on its way. I love how quickly it ships here. This month was no exception - it traveled from NY to HI in two days! The fastest yet. Pretty darn good for free shipping!! This is our third Barkbox and I have never had any gripes whatsoever. Aside from the awesome shipping, the products are always high quality. What makes me like Barkbox even more is that they acknowledge every post on their Facebook page. How's that for making customers feel important? On top of that, this month we received our Barkbox one day before Macho's birthday - an excellent birthday present if you ask me.

Barkbox is a monthly dog subscription service that comes packed with toys, treats, and doggie lifestyle necessities based on your pup's size. I am currently on the six month plan which comes out to $19/month. So far the value of each box has been way over what I paid for it, and they are usually items which I don't see in the local pet store.

Fruitables Halloween Share Pack
I love that Barkbox included a Halloween themed item in this month's box. This pack contains 8 small bags of Fruitables dog treats in 4 flavors - Pumpkin & Blueberry, Pumpkin & Apple, Apple Bacon, and Grilled Bison. Sir Fluffybutt is currently finishing up a bag of Pumpkin & Blueberry that he received in his first box, and he's loved every single one of the Fuitables flavors he's tried, so I'm sure these will be a hit.

Baker's Best Autumn Harvest Dog Treats
The main ingredient in this one is goat liver. Never heard of goat liver dog treats before so this should be interesting. The pup loves liver in general though, so my guess is he'll scarf this one down with no hesitation.

American Dog Toys Fetch & Glow jr. Ball
This is a fun concept because this ball floats AND glows in the dark. Macho loves tennis balls, and six months ago he would've instantly accepted this as one of his top toys. But this past Easter we introduced him to squeaky tennis balls and now he refuses to play with any non-squeaking ball. (He still plays with them long after the squeaker is broken -- I think he just likes that the ball is squishy when he chomps down on it) He'll still fetch this ball, but he'll lose interest after one toss and move on to the other toy he received this month...

West Paw Designs Bumi
TWO toys this month? Say whaat?! Yup, spoiled Mr. Fluffypants received two toys this month. I wasn't sure if he'd like this one since it lacks the three things he likes most in a toy: 1) a squeaker; 2) crinkly paper; and 3) plush fibers he can pluck off with his mouth. But to my surprise, this is his new go-to toy during playtime. Bumi is a tug of war toy and Macho is a tug of war fanatic. Perfect! Even when we're not playing with him, he still manages to entertain himself with his Bumi:

Macho loves his new Bumi

Etta Says! Crunchy Rabbit Chew
Maybe I don't hit up a large enough variety of pet stores, but like the goat treats, I've never heard of rabbit treats before. I'm a little hesitant to give this to him, but for a silly reason, really. We like to tease Macho that he looks like a rabbit with his large ears, fluffy butt, and nub of a tail, so a part of me feels like he would be eating his own kind. I know, how silly of me, but I guess I have to come to terms with my irrationalities before giving this to him.

We really liked this month's Barkbox. I'm all for trying new things, and goat and rabbit treats are definitely new for me. After all, that's what this subscription service is for - to try new things that you normally wouldn't think of buying. If you're interested in subscribing to Barkbox, please use my link to get $5 off your first subscription and Barkbox will also give Macho a free month. It's a win-win situation!

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