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Birchbox Review - November 2013

My November Birchbox

It's finally here! I got the email on the 6th saying my box was shipped out and it arrived 20 days later. I do wish it would get here before Birchbox sends me emails each month showing me exactly what's in the box I should've already received, but oh well, at least it's here. For the first time I made a conscious effort not to peek in my account and to immediately delete the emails that show what items I'm getting before getting a close look at them. Didn't work though; with all the reviews I've been reading, I kind of already figured out what I got based on what I did glimpse in those emails. Aarghh! Well on to the November box.

This month's theme is "More Good" and focuses on ways to bring more good into your life through more giving, more thoughtfulness, and more thanks. In addition, Birchbox is donating a portion of proceeds to No Kid Hungry, a nationwide charity working to end childhood hunger. Brownie points to them for helping out fellow Americans who aren't as fortunate!

Here's what this month's box contained:

Tocca Crema da Mano - Cleopatra scent
Although I already have a million tiny bottles of hand cream and lotion, I still love trying out new fragrances and formulas. I thought the grapefruit and cucumber scent combo was sweet yet subtle-- no getting a headache from this one. I also thought it moisturized without making my hands feel too greasy.

Chella Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil
Apparently there are 10 ways this little guy can be used! I read the tutorial and my favorite uses will probably be to highlight high areas by blending with foundation, and to apply it to the waterline to widen eyes. I'm a fan of multi-purpose products so I'm excited to incorporate this into my makeup routine (if you can call wearing makeup 3x a month a routine). This pencil blends really nicely and matches my skin tone perfectly. Bonus: I hear this doodad lasts forever!

Color Club in Top Shelf
I received a nail polish in my first Birchbox, and to be honest I wasn't too thrilled about receiving another one. As much as I want to enjoy wearing nail polish and getting manicured like the rest of my friends, I don't want anyone looking at my ugly nails. And with a golden hue sporting a name like Top Shelf, come on, that just screams high class. So not what my nails are worthy of. 
TOP Shelf? Sounds very classy.
Besides, I normally wince at gold clothes and accessories (yes, even yellow gold jewelry. I'm more of a white gold fan). HOWEVER, I decided to try this out just because I was bored, and guess what? I love this color. A single coat of this bad boy is perfect for my liking. It's very neutral and looks subtle, so I can enjoy looking at my nails without anyone else noticing them. I applied a second coat and decided that was too much for me; after two coats it starts to look like the color in the bottle. As far as texture goes, it goes on kind of thick, even after wiping the excess off the brush. It also looks streaky when applied, maybe because it's so thick, but since I'm not a nail polish aficionado I don't mind at all.

Vasanti BrightenUp! Enzymatic Face Rejuvenator
This concoction combines papaya enzymes with microderm crystals to dissolve the nasties keeping dead skin cells intact and then sloughs off that dead skin. I've never tried a microdermabrasion scrub before (unless the exfoliating beads found in some face washes count), so I was surprised at how gently abrasive (does that even make sense?) this was! I could immediately feel the crystals scrubbing away at my face, but it wasn't harsh at all. Although I didn't notice any immediate change, C did. I know, seriously?..a guy?! For some reason my nose has always had huge pores and C likes to make fun of how rough it gets as a result (very loving relationship, yeah I know). Anyway, the first thing C said when he rubbed my nose for my daily dose of teasing was, "Hey!..Your nose is smooth...You're pretty!" (Again, our dysfunctional love at work.) I guess it did work. And if it'll keep him off my back, I'm gonna keep using it!

Chuao Chocolate - in Pop Corn Pop
I love chocolate and consider myself rather well-versed in trying different chocolate flavors -- strawberry, banana, orange, jalapeno, habanero, bacon, sea salt, etc. But this one was definitely a surprise. The description says that it has a surprising POP...what's that, right? Well, imagine eating milk chocolate and Pop Rocks at the same time. Very interesting. I'm not sure if I'd like to eat a full-size bar of it, but it definitely is something worth trying.

Overall I thought this month's box was excellent! I will use every single product (well, the chocolate's gone already), which is a first. I am especially happy with the microdermabrasion scrub and nail polish and am excited to try out the highlighter pencil. Also, I calculated the value to be about three times what I paid for the box, so that's also a plus. If you are interested in signing up for your own Birchbox, please use my link! Happy sampling!

Note: Post contains referral links. I purchased this box with my own money and did not receive any compensation in exchange for a review.

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