Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Smiley360 Mission - Carefree Liners

A couple of months ago I joined the Smiley360 online review community. Basically you take surveys to qualify for free product trials from various companies. If you qualify for and accept a mission, Smiley will send you the product free of charge (from what I've seen they're usually full-sized products), which you then review via face-to-face interactions, blogs, and social media. Although not everyone gets to take every survey that Smiley sends out, I've been getting about one a week - just enough to keep me on the edge of my seat hoping to qualify for a mission.

About a month ago I accepted my very first actual mission to review Carefree Acti-fresh liners. (If you click on my link you can get a coupon for your very own pack!) The site said the product will ship in about 2-3 weeks, and I got mine after about a month. About what I expected, considering it's probably shipped by ground across the country/ocean.

Carefree Acti-fresh liners and info card
I received two 20-packs for free in the mail in exchange for my honest opinion. One pack is to try out and the other is to pass on to a friend to try. I've always been a fan of Carefree because their liners are very absorbent considering how thin they are. According to the packaging these are supposed to conform more to your body so that you don't notice it, but I'm pretty brain dead when it comes to noticing things. Honestly, these feel pretty much the same as other Carefree liners I've tried. They're discreet, absorbent, and you forget it's there. Sure, I don't notice it, but when do I ever? Unless it's like a pillow or something. Not too sure what makes this one different from other Carefree liners, but it does its job and it does it well. And that's what matters the most, right?


  1. If you actually pass one of these along to a friend, I think I'll be horrified. Can you imagine? "Hey, friend! Guess what!? I just got this super awesome product and I thought you might like to try it! Here you go! Let me know what you think, k?"
    Bahahahahaha! No.

    1. Oh, snap... I just saw this was ages ago old. :D

    2. Ha! Don't worry, I kept em all. I think I'd be pretty weirded out too, no matter how good of a friend it is. But I did get another offer for panty liners earlier this week, I wonder what they're trying to tell me? >:[