Monday, January 20, 2014

Barkbox Review - January 2014

Yay, it's Barkbox time! I think this is the box I get most excited about; even more so than my dog. I received my last Barkbox of my 6-month subscription the other day, and what a pleasant surprise it was. I didn't get the normal email with tracking info so I forgot that the boxes went out already. This month's box was huge. And by that I mean tall. My dog even got confused opening it since he's used to opening the smaller, flatter boxes. Let's get right in to what we received for January:

I decided I'm going to start calculating values of my boxes because (a) I'm an arithmetic freak, and (b) I want to start comparing similar boxes to figure out which has the better value/products so I can make a decision as to which to keep and which to cancel (cause times are hard, ya know?). This month's theme was all about football. Humans enjoy football, so why can't dogs? To get in the spirit, Barkbox decided to send us a box packed with toys and treats so that our furry friends can play and snack alongside us as we watch the game.

Loving Pets Barksters - Sweet Potato and Beef Flavor (Value: $8.99)
This is what was making the box so huge. At 5 oz, this box of treats could barely fit lying down in the box. Fuzzyboots hasn't tried these yet, but he likes anything with sweet potato in it so I'm sure he'll gladly accept these crisps. And it's wheat and gluten free - healthy snacks!

Sprong Football Toy (Value: $7.99)
Oh. My. Gosh. Macho LOVES this toy. Sprong makes velvety-like toys with a low pitched squeaker that is different from most other squeaky toys, and I think this is the reason he loves playing with it so much. He once had a Sprong bone toy that quickly became his favorite until I took it away because it started leaving tiny red flecks of velvet crumbs around the house. I'm sure this will be the same way and in a couple of weeks I'll be chasing him around with a vacuum, but watching him play football with himself makes it totally worth it. A word of advice: this material tends to get really slimy with dog slobber so be prepared for yucky hands if you plan to play fetch with your pup.

Grandma Bowser's Country Oven Bisquits - Peanut Butter Flavor (Value: $4.41)
I also haven't opened this yet but I know the furball loves PB so he should have no problem gobbling these up. They look like cookies, but they're supposed to be like a granola snack for pups and they're wheat, corn, and soy free. Perfect for dogs with food allergies.

Barkworthies Junior Bully Stick (Value: $2.63)
Macho already got one of these in last month's Barkbox, but I have no complaints about getting another one. These bully sticks have only one ingredient - beef bladder. Sounds nasty, but the furpup loves it. I think he even likes it better than pizzle sticks. (In fact after receiving this last month, I went ahead and purchased six 12" beef bladder bully sticks for him through a Doggyloot deal. Score!) This was the first thing he went for when he opened his December box and this month was no different. He immediately picked up the bully stick and ran away to his little corner. He didn't even notice the Sprong ball until he came back to investigate what else he got.

Think!dog Louisiana Alligator Jerky (Value: $6.99)
This was the first and only spoiler I've ever seen for Barkbox ever since I started my subscription. A few weeks ago I found out that Think!dog was promoting their line of alligator treats and partnered up with Barkbox to include a bag in each subscription. And I'm thrilled with them so far - we received a 6oz bag in our box! Very impressive size for jerky treats. These paw-shaped treats are wheat, corn, and soy free and what's more, Macho loves them! He's tried a variety of meat flavors before (mostly thanks to Barkbox), but I never thought I'd see alligator in a box. I gave him just one piece but he kept sniffing the ground around him long afterward trying to find more.

Mom, one of these days I will balance food on your nose. See how you like it.

Overall I thought this box was great! I paid $19 for this box and got $31.01 worth of goodies! I'm kinda sad this is the last one. Originally I was planning to cancel after the subscription was up, especially since he's been getting so many treats and is gaining weight (a 35 lb corgi!), but Barkbox has way healthier treats than the pet store and at a much more affordable price, so I'm still debating. Maybe I'll just take a break until he goes through these then restart again. We're trying to cut down on his treat intake and increase his exercise (as if an hour of fetch in the backyard everyday wasn't enough exercise?!) so it might take a while to go through his stash, especially with all the treats he received for Christmas. Eh, we'll see. If you'd like to see your dog jump for joy each month, then please use my link to get $5 off your first box!

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