Wednesday, January 15, 2014

New Year, New Hopes

So along with the new year, most of us make resolutions. Resolve to shed a few pounds, resolve to treat everyone with respect, the list goes on. I'm still working up to the "resolution" bit, so for now they are still I-hope-tos. Hopefully they will soon gain resolution status.
I've become lazy. Not "give me some caffeine and I'll get off my butt" kind of lazy, but more like "my feet have grown roots and I might grow moss soon". Two years ago I was running 40+ miles a week when training for a marathon. Up until three months ago I could at least run a 5K without walking. Now I can barely run a mile without stopping. I know, how can I just sit by idly watching my fitness level plummet faster than a lead weight falling to the bottom of the ocean and not do anything about it? To be honest, I have no idea. I need to find some motivation to get back into shape. I don't even have the drive to hit the gym regularly anymore. Sad face :( And I think subconsciously I've been using lack of time as an excuse.
You see, several months ago I decided to help out a friend who was coaching the wrestling team at my old high school. Although I wrestled in high school, that was over 10 years ago and I've only gone back to a handful of practices since then. I thought it'd be an awesome challenge to help coach, especially since I thought I was still in fairly good shape since I'd been running and hitting the gym for the past few years. Hah! One practice and I was in pain for the next two weeks. I completely forgot that wrestling muscles are totally different from weightlifting muscles. It was like I was back at square one. But that's okay, keep at it and it'll get easier right? Nope. Factor in the toll time takes on your body's resilience and here I am, four months in and still sore everyday. On top of that, I keep telling myself that it's okay if I don't hit the gym as often now since I'm getting a good workout at each practice. But you see, whereas running and gym requires continuous moderate exertion, as a wrestling coach most of the workout comes from wrestling live matches which requires bursts of high exertion with breaks in between. And with the way my shoulder likes to dislocate at every opportunity, those breaks tend to be pretty long. So in the end, I don't really end up getting a good workout; I just tell myself I do.
So between 4-hour practices during the week following a full work day and day-long tournaments every Saturday, the only free day to hit the gym for a really good workout is Sunday, but I've reserved Sundays for errands and housework. Hence, my excuse of lack of time to get in shape. Maybe that'll change after wrestling season is over.
As any homeowner would know, balancing finances when you have a mortgage is no easy task. Couple that with the crazy cost of living in HI and it's a nightmare. So why not move to somewhere more affordable? To put it simply, I love it here. The good weather and blend of cultures makes the financial headache worth it. Barely. Yesterday we met with our insurance agent to ask about adding hurricane insurance to our policy, being that we live on a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific and hurricanes love to scare us. I almost fainted and/or peed my pants when I saw the quote. Take a normal homeowner's insurance policy. Now times that by four. That's the cost of hurricane insurance. Alone. And remember that pesky thing called mortgage insurance? Add all of those together and that's what you get to pay for just the insurance portion of your mortgage. Now add property tax and your P&I to that. *Faint* Looks like I'll have to sell an arm or a leg pretty soon. Might explain why I've become such a freebieholic in the last couple of months. Complimentary bread at a restaurant? "Take it home in a doggie bag, we can eat it tomorrow for dinner." Okay, not that bad. Yet. Getting there though.
I tend to get so consumed in day to day activities and making sure everything is running smoothly that keeping good relationships kind of slips to the back burner. Between 15-hour weekdays and nonstop errands/chores on the weekends it's challenging to find the time to accomplish everything I'd like to get done. I guess I should make my new motto "Something's gotta give." I need to reassess my priorities and put down the broom and visit my grandparents more often. Skip a practice to hang out with an old friend who's only in town for two days. Put off that trip to Target and spend more quality time at home with my boys - the human one and the furry one. Sure, it's not a good feeling to see my to-do list growing, but it's a worse feeling to see loved ones drift further away.
So here's to a year for improvement. Time to make life better for me and those around me. And maybe add in some random acts of kindness, as this awesome mom did. Everybody loves a nice gesture. Live happy. Live healthy. Live loving. And love living. Because life is too short for would'ves and should'ves.

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