Monday, January 20, 2014

Smiley360 Mission - Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamins

A few days ago I received my second product to try from Smiley360. Smiley360 is an online review community in which you receive products to review in exchange for an honest opinion. Sometimes the product you get to review is full-sized; other times you receive samples, but the amount will always be enough to enable you to form an opinion. The item I received this time for review are Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamin chews.

Centrum Flavor Burst Multivitamin chews
Centrum is a multivitamin sold in most drug stores around the country. I don't regularly take any multivitamin supplements, but thought it'd be a good idea to try. All the adult multivitamins I've tried previously have been in pill form, so it was interesting to see an adult chewable. Centrum chewables come in several flavors - the info card shows Mixed Fruit, Wild Grape, and Tropical Fruit.

In the kit were 20 sample foil packets of Centrum chews. Each pack contained two chewables; I received 10 packets each of Wild Grape and Pineapple for review. I was surprised to receive a pineapple flavor, as it is not listed anywhere on the Centrum Flavor Burst website, but I tried it nonetheless.

These chewables taste true to their flavor and are yummy to take. Four chews make up one daily dose of multivitamins. The only downside is that the Flavor Bursts can be easily mistaken for candy in terms of appearance and taste, so be sure to keep it in the bottle and out of children's hands to avoid an accidental overdose of vitamins.

As a whole, I think the Flavor Bursts are easier to take than traditional multivitamin pills because they taste great and you don't need to be near a glass of water to get your daily dose. Although the samples I received tasted good, I'm kind of interested in trying the mixed fruit flavor. According to their website, Centrum also makes multivitamin drink mixes in Raspberry and Lemonade flavors. These sound interesting as well; I might give it a try if I ever see it in the stores. If you're interested in trying these for yourself, please click on my link to get a free sample!

Note: Post contains referral links. I received these Centrum samples from Smiley360 for free in exchange for a review. All opinions are 100% my own.

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