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Barkbox Review - February 2014

Barkbox day is always a hit at my house because I get to watch the furball's box-opening adventures. I think he got the hang of it though; he opened this month's one with no problem, not even a tear in the cardboard:
I've mastered the art of opening boxes! Ha!

So what's Barkbox? It's a monthly subscription box for your dog filled with treats, toys, and sometimes hygienic products. The treats are high quality and usually soy, corn, or wheat free. Most are made in the US and are relatively healthy for your pup compared to some of the other stuff you might find in the big box pet stores. Boxes start at $29/month but the price decreases with a longer subscription. I signed up for the 6-month subscription ($19/month) for a medium dog. 

This month's box came to me as a total surprise. It shipped from NY but I received it in HI before I even got the email w/ tracking info! I've never experienced such great shipping service than from Barkbox (even with all the polar vortex chaos slowing mail transport on the East coast). February's theme was in celebration of Valentine's Day, and the box included toys and treats for your pup for while he snuggles up with you on the couch.

As soon as we opened the box we knew FurPaws was in for a treat. I mean, look at all those treats!


Complete Natural Nutrition Cheese Please Snacks (Value: $5.99)

This treat has just one ingredient: cheese. These make good training treats because each is only 3 calories, and this bag contains over 75 treats. Macho loooves cheese, so I know these will be given four paws up.

Loopies Stoggie Fetch Stick (Value: $9.95)


This toy is surprisingly heavy. I was expecting a flimsy stick of braided yarn but it's got to weigh at least 4 oz, perfect for something intended for a game of fetch. I haven't let the pup play with this yet, but he's got enough toys for now. The other week he discovered my secret stash of squeaky tennis balls and when I found him he was happily squeaking ALL of them.

Mom, I made you 3-D art!
I will wait until he starts breaking them one by one. Shouldn't take too long; he already broke the squeakers in two of the tennis balls last week. 

Superior Farms Lamb Dog Biscuits (Value: $9.99)


Perfect for Valentine's month, these biscuits are shaped like little hearts. They're grain- and gluten-free which makes them great for dogs with food sensitivities. The last time Macho had lamb was when he was a puppy. He didn't like it so I haven't bothered to get him lamb-flavored food ever since. But things change with time, so I guess I'll find out if his tastes changed as well.

Your Dog's Diner Mutt Meatballs (Value: $7.99)

I am SO excited to make these for the fluffball! I read about this in previous Barkboxes and was curious about how they'd turn out. Well I guess the folks at Barkbox read my mind because I can finally see for myself! Just add a pound of ground beef and an egg. One package makes about 40 meatballs so I will definitely end up freezing most of it for later, excited!!

Barkworthies 6" Junior Bully Stick (Value: $3.15)

This is the third consecutive month we've gotten this stick in our box, but Macho doesn't seem to mind one bit. Just like the previous two months, this was the first thing he ran off with after opening the box. (That picture of him at the top of this post? Yeah, that's him nosing around for the source of the stinky smell) Stinky? Yes. These bully sticks are made of 100% beef bladder and aren't supposed to smell as much as pizzle sticks. It wasn't so bad the first time or even the second. But for some reason this stick made the entire box reek this month. Of course, Macho was all over it. I wonder if it's because my nose is now keen to the smell of beef bladder (last month I even bought him this in a 6 pack of 12" chews since he liked it so much). But regardless of my take on it, it's all natural and it's a hit with the furpup, and that's what really matters right?

This month's box had a total value of $37.07, excellent considering it's costing me just $19/month with the 6-month plan. I noticed there haven't been much hygiene/grooming products in recent Barkboxes. I wish they'd include these types of items more often, even if it's just dental chews. Mr. Fluffs is getting fat so I've been cutting down on his treat allowance. (Right now he has about four months' worth of treats stockpiled in the pantry) I'm happy with the toys he's been getting because he's been getting a lot of exercise time out of them. But it'd be nice to see poop bags or shampoo once in a while. (He received a liquid bandage spray in his September Barkbox and I thought that was a great thing to have on hand) But of course, receiving grooming products to a dog is analogous to toddlers receiving clothes for their birthday. Bo-ring!! But that's okay, Macho will soon have a sister to share with (sneak peek to an upcoming post)! If you would like to get your pup in on the Barkbox action, click on my link to get $5 off your first box!

Note: Post contains referral links. I was not compensated for this box in any way. Opinions in this post are completely my own.

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