Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Corgi Day at the Beach (And Overcoming Macho's Fear of the Water)

A few months ago I stumbled upon a Facebook page about corgis. Awesome. But you know what was more awesome? It was a page about corgis in my area! Whoohooo! Of course I had to jump on it and I found out that it was actually a new page created to bring together all the corgi owners on the island of Oahu. I suggested we hold a meet and greet for the corgis and whatdya know, everyone else was thinking the same thing and two weeks later we had our first monthly Corgi Club of Oahu Meet Up (I actually made a post about that but it somehow got deleted a few days later and I was too annoyed to type it all over again). We missed the next couple meet ups but were finally able to make this month's one. And how excited I was when I found out it would be at the beach!

C and I have taken Macho to the beach a number of times, and he loves playing in the sand but he HATES jumping in the water. He used to like it until one day we made the mistake of taking him during high tide while he was still a puppy. Then a big wave came and swept him off his stubby legs. He was on a leash so I knew he wasn't going anywhere, but as far as the poor guy was concerned he was meeting his doom. Ever since then he was scared to get anywhere within 5 feet of the ocean. We're talking about major resistance, pull-back action you-can't-even-carry-me-in-there kind of scared, complete with eyes filled with terror.

However, the beach we went to this past weekend was more or less just a sandbar jutting into the ocean so it was shallow with no waves. The pups piled into the back of the car (oh my gosh, a car full of barking corgis is INSANELY LOUD) and we watched with amusement as they tumbled out of the back once we got there.

Luckily it was low tide so part of the sandbar was exposed and we could just walk all the way out without any incident. Macho even made a few new friends. All big dogs. He thinks he's a big dog too so he tried to join in their games. He didn't even bother befriending the little dogs. What a snob.

Hello, fellow canine. Will you be my friend?

When we reached the end of the exposed part, Furbutt stopped dead in his tracks while C & I continued across the 3" deep water channel (1/4 of his height!) to the next exposed part of the sandbar. Not knowing what to do since he was off the leash in public ("what the hell Mom?!") and separated from us, he decided to slowly make his way across to us. *Yay! Praise, praise*

I am now halfway underwater. Darn you, stubby legs!
After walking around a bit, the pupster got used to getting his feet wet and decided to follow C & I as we ventured into 6" deep water. He wouldn't stay for long though. After a couple minutes he'd waddle back to land, and if we didn't follow he'd make his way back to us a little later. This went on for about 45 minutes.

Off in the distance one of the other corgis, Monkey, was swimming by himself. We called him over so that he could show Macho how to swim. To our surprise, Macho joined him right away and in no time they were following each other in the water.

Holy crap I'm swimming! Thanks Monkey!

Normal dogs interact with each other.
After he panicked from swimming too long (about a whole 30 seconds) Macho U-turned and made a beeline for the sandbar. Meanwhile, the other corgis were being normal dogs and chasing each other through the water. Unlike them, Fluffypants is antisocial. He rather watch what's going on and only bark when the action comes near him. He'd pretend to jump in then stop running after 2 yards and walk back to us. He's such a poser.
After two hours of corgi fun the pups had gotten all the excess energy out of their system and we called it a day. We took one last group photo with the dogs. Can you guess which one is Macho? Hint: He's the only one who didn't get the memo.

One of these is not like the others.
L-R: Macho, Basil, Yuki, Monkey, Lulu, Kuma, Kimchee
Photo: Corgi Club of Oahu
All the other corgis faced forward but Macho decided to show his good side to the camera. Silly guy. After that C & I took the stinky guy to Petco for a bath (cause he's spoiled...and I hate bathing him).

Where's the corgi?...


What a great day! :)

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