Wednesday, February 26, 2014

It's a Corgi! It's a Cookie Cutter! It's a CORGI COOKIE CUTTER!!

Hi everybody! I want to share with you my newest baking addition. I was browsing online one day for corgi pictures and whaddya know, this little guy from Three Cheers for Corgis Etsy shop pops up.


Isn't that the cutest thing ever? Naturally, I had to get my hands on one. I mean, who doesn't like a super cute cartoonish corgi? The cutters I've seen before were kinda serious-looking with the puffy corgi chest and characteristic dog body shape. But every time I think of a corgi I picture a walking cylinder. Pretty much just like this one. I usually take a while to decide whether to follow through with an online purchase because it usually means I'll have to pay enormous shipping costs, but that was barely a thought when I decided to buy this. Yeah. That's how much I wanted to grab one. This little shop also sells mugs and window stickers, all with the lovable cartoon corgi design. Go support them; all proceeds go toward starting up a dog ranch to save shelter dogs from being put down. Great cause for dog lovers.

The cookie cutter itself is actually quite large; it's about 5" long from nose to butt. It also came with a recipe for sugar cookies with icing to make the adorable corgi pictured below. And it tells you how to create that characteristic corgi brown color using basic food coloring! Love it.
Image source: Three Cheers for Corgis
I'm definitely trying this out as soon as I get the chance. If my cookie skills are up to par (I haven't baked cookies in forever) I'm sooo making doggie biscuits for the next corgi meet. Hopefully the pups don't see themselves as carnivores after eating them.

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