Thursday, February 20, 2014

The Best Valentine's Day Ever

Did you ever have one of those weeks that just dragged on because work was stressing you out, you had a fight with your significant other, you just couldn't find any time to relax, etc? That was me last week, mostly because C had been getting upset with me for messing up his plans. How so? Well...

About a month ago C asked what my plans were for Valentine's weekend. I told him I'd be coaching at the OIA Eastern Divisionals for high school wrestling on that Saturday. A bit dejected, he told me that he had taken advantage of a Valentine's weekend special and had already booked a room for the weekend at the nearby Disney Resort as a surprise. Feeling a little torn, I told him that if I had to miss one tournament, the Easterns would be it and I'd just have to let the head coach know that I wouldn't be making it. He insisted I go to the tournament and he'd just pay the hotel cancellation fee. I later suggested we just switch the reservation to Sun-Tues rather than the original Fri-Sun, but by then he said he already cancelled and the rooms were all booked through Tuesday anyway (President's Day weekend, I guess).

A couple weeks later out of the blue he says, "Since the hotel thing didn't work out, I wanted to surprise you instead with a one-day trip on Friday (Valentine's Day) to Mauna Kea." (This mountain is known for its spectacular sunsets from the summit, but the last time we made the trek up we were too late and missed it. Since then it's been on my bucket list) He continued: "I already booked a tour so we don't miss it this time. I meant to keep it a surprise, BUT...since it's on another island I was waiting for airfares to drop, but it keeps going up. So...umm...can I use your airline miles to book the flight?" We both had a good laugh at the thought of me helping to arrange my own Valentine's surprise, but I happily obliged because I'm an awesome girlfriend like that. ;) He assured me that we'd be back home Friday night so that I'd be able to make the tournament on Saturday. Since I'm pretty anal about planning and itineraries I went ahead and did a little research of my own and found out that the tour would get back after the last flight out. He insisted the tour company told him otherwise and got upset that I was getting all up in his business when this was supposed to be a surprise that he was planning. After a nasty spat, I went to bed and he came in a while later and said, "I don't think this trip is going to work out. Let's just forget about going. If you had just let me do all the planning I could've made it work out but noo, you can't even let me surprise you. The hotel surprise didn't work out and now this." I didn't get how I was the bad guy since I don't have control over the tournament schedule or the Mauna Kea tour timetable, and I definitely didn't get how it would've all worked out if I had let him do all the planning because obviously he didn't do enough research...

Personally I was dreading the big day because I knew he'd be reminded of how we should've been having fun at the resort or driving up a mountain. Then on Valentine's Day he gave me a card with a message he scribbled: "Look at meee. Look at me NOW." I looked up and he was holding his tablet with this picture on it:

2 week old corgi girl :)
Image Credit: Hawaii Corgi

Come to find out he had successfully hidden the ultimate surprise. The Disney Resort? It was a front. The Mauna Kea trip? Also a front. He basically just wanted to get me to pack a bag. Needing a flight though, that was real. You see, it turns out C had been in constant contact with the person we got Macho from and had purchased another corgi from him as a Valentine's Day surprise. The guy lives on the same island that Mauna Kea is on so we'd still need to fly there. Since the puppy wouldn't be old enough to be separated from her mom for a few more weeks, C had wanted to fly up on Valentine's Day just so we could see the whole litter playing together. Totally worth it if you ask me. 

Image Credit: Hawaii Corgi

Unfortunately, since I gave him such a hard time about the logistics of the fake Mauna Kea trip, he couldn't figure out a way to win that argument. Instead now we're just going to fly up to pick her up and hope the rest of the litter is still there. I just booked our flight today and am now waiting impatiently for the big day when we welcome another furball into our lives! Another round of housebreaking and training, here we come!

I'm 5 weeks old and cute!
Image Credit: Hawaii Corgi

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