Wednesday, March 12, 2014

ENGAGED! + Our Newest Addition

It's like living a dream. I applaud C on being able to hold in a secret. C, the one who on my birthday couldn't even resist telling me the mystery location we were headed to "Sea Life Park. Aaargghh, I couldn't help it!"

A few weeks ago I made a post about the most adorable Valentine's present ever. Well, this past weekend was the big day and we welcomed the newest member to our family. It all started pretty calmly, really. We woke up at 6 am and slowly got ready to head to the airport. In all honesty, I wasn't feeling overly excited because the reality of having to housebreak another puppy coupled with the uncertainty of how our current furball would receive her was setting in.

As soon as C and I stepped on the farm, two corgis greeted us with huge smiles. I recognized them from the company's website as Macho's mom and brother(?). A few steps up a short slope led us to a well-maintained garden where two more corgis ran up to us. I later found out that these cuties were Macho's dad and our new baby's mom (and no, Macho's dad is not the same dog as our new puppy's dad). Their watchdog instincts kicked in and they barked until their owners came outside to show us the much-awaited puppies. We were led to a cozy courtyard where we were greeted by three tiny puppies.

8 week old puppies at play

The rest of the litter had already been united with their new parents. A few weeks earlier C had asked what name I wanted to pick out for puppy. I chose Pebbles because it was a cute name and, well, who doesn't like Flintstones! For the first time, I got to see our Pebbles in real life (since I unintentionally messed up our first planned meet and greet V-Day date) and ohmygosh she is adorable!

Putting on her best face for us
She has so much personality and is quite a character. In fact, the breeder told us he normally tries not to get too attached to the puppies since they'll be off to their new homes in no time, but he couldn't help but grow fond of this little girl. Who can blame him?

Hiding toys
Is that for me?


Pebbles calls dibs

After taking a few shots of the puppies, C told me to hold Pebbles so he could take a picture of us. I did, and...

omg omg omg...
Image Credit: Hawaii Corgi
This happened. Totally didn't see it coming. I like to think of us as fun people who like to joke around, so I had thought about various ways of answering the big question (haha, as if I knew one day he'd propose). "Who, me?" "I'll get back to you" "..................................................okay, sure" "Only if I get to sing Single Ladies, Pt. 2," etc. But the only thing I could think of at that moment was a choked up "Yes." I also had told myself I wouldn't cry. And to my credit, I didn't really cry. Mostly just teared. A lot. Okay maybe I did cry a little. But I didn't bawl or sob or anything. And C had thought up a whole spiel tying together corgis and the proposal but he also started tearing up so he just cut straight to the chase. Haha. Typical us. Nothing ever goes as planned.

Happy he liked it so he put a ring on it
Image Credit: Hawaii Corgi

Apparently C had coordinated with Hawaii Corgi the exact setup of the courtyard down to where I'd be standing when it all happened. Of course, the courtyard was set up perfectly, but since I obviously never let things go as planned, I didn't follow his cue to get me to stand in the right place so we didn't have the perfect background for the picture that would be taken by the would-be hidden professional photographer (another plan that I also screwed up). Yes, he and Hawaii Corgi had reserved a photographer to shoot the whole thing from a hidden spot ON VALENTINE'S DAY. Yup, the day I messed up all the plans. As luck would have it, the photographer was already booked on the rescheduled corgi day so we made do with phones and a point and shoot. C had been in constant contact with Hawaii Corgi for months about the whole shabang. Kinda makes me feel bad for ruining a good surprise. Sorry, Valentine's Day, I didn't mean to screw you up that badly. And here I thought Pebbles was going to be the ultimate surprise (refer back to my statement in the second half of the Valentine's post). We left the farm all smiles with a new pup and a shiny rock in tow. We even got to take a second little ball of joy home to her eagerly awaiting doggy-mommy-to-be.

The quietest part of our trip

Once we got home we got right to work on getting Macho acquainted with his new kid sister. He was surprisingly nice to her instead of his usual rough self. He sniffed, licked, and inspected her and even let her play with his toys. Pebbles, on the other hand, is a little instigator. She loooves to bark and nip at him and push his buttons. Naturally, he gives chase and since he's about 30 lbs heavier, he sometimes runs her over, but Pebbles remains unphased. Something tells me we got a little rascal on our hands. Even more so than Macho. Aiyiyi. But I love my Pebbles. And I love that I picked her name while unaware of its significance. Pebbles. Shiny rock. Love forever.

Right away we discovered she LOVES toys. Especially squeaky ones.

She likes to steal them from Macho
And hoard them.

She also likes to copy him.
Typical kid sister.
Corgis find the weirdest positions comfy.

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