Thursday, March 13, 2014

Happy Dog Box Review - March 2014 + 50% Off Coupon

I'm starting to really like Happy Dog Box. Happy Dog Box is a monthly subscription service for your pup. Each month your best friend receives a box chock-full of treats, toys, and grooming products delivered right to your door. Plans start as low as $21/month for the 6-month subscription and are curated according to your dog's size. This review is for a medium sized dog box.

This is the second box we've received and both contained loads of goodies for my pup(s). Especially chews. Furbutt loves chews. March's theme was all about going green in celebration of St. Patrick's Day - literally as well as being eco-friendly. Let's see what we got this month!

Smart n' Tasty Duck with Blueberries Treats (Value: $8.99)

I received duck treats a few months ago in another subscription box, and while Macho gladly accepted them, he didn't go crazy over it. Also I don't think he's ever tried blueberries before. This should be interesting. Maybe Macho's brand new little sister Pebbles will love it! These are grain-, soy-, and dairy-free so they're ideal for pups with certain food allergies.

Pet 'n' Shape Beef Scapula (Value: $2.27)

As I mentioned earlier, Macho loves chews. I don't think he's ever turned down a single chew. Ok, well maybe he spit out a heavily processed rawhide before, but not an all-natural chew. He doesn't discriminate between body parts either - ears, bladder, pizzle, larynx - he'll eat it all. And I'm sure he'll happily run to his corner with a shoulder blade in his mouth and start gnawing away. Sorry Pebbles, you'll have to wait till we know we can trust you with chews first.

Big Daddy's Biscuits - Mixed Bag (Value: $5.00)

This company makes a variety of mouth-watering flavored biscuits that serve a dual purpose. "Dinner Mints" also work to fight bad breath. "Flee Flea Cheese Bites with Garlic" help to ward off those pesky fleas and ticks. "Nuttin' Better than Peanut Butter" and "You Had Me At Bacon Turkey Bacon Bites" are just plain awesome because all dogs love a little PB and bacon in their lives. Now I may be mistaken, but I thought garlic was highly toxic to dogs? This is a "mixed bag," so I'm assuming it contains a little bit of everything. These smell yummy so I'm sure they will be gone in no time (not so sure about the garlic ones though).

R2P Sprong Hex Ball - Large (Value: $9.90)

This is the third Sprong toy we've received, the first being a bone and the second a football. Macho went nuts over the first two, and I am 110% sure he will react the same way toward this crazy ball. I accidentally squeaked it when cutting off the plastic tags at night and Macho instantly went into play mode. Sorry boy, this toy is too loud for night time play. This will be the first new toy that Macho and Pebbles get to receive together. How exciting. :) For now Pebbles kind of took over his entire toy arsenal. He's such a nice guy, letting his little sis play with all his toys (and not share with him...haha).

Barkworthies Chews (Value: Beef knuckle - $6.30; Lamb Ribs - $3.16 total)

Again, I'm sure Macho will happily chomp away on these. The messier the bone, the more he likes it (and the harder I have to work cleaning up after him). I think I'll save the lamb ribs for when Pebbles is a little older so that they can each have one without Pebbles trying to steal his. She already steals his food, and she's only two months old. A real rebel, that one.

Aside from the Sprong ball, I'm not too sure what else the items had to do with being green. I guess they're all-natural and made with ingredients traceable to the source, but that's all I can think of. I think this would've been a perfect month for the FlushPuppies I received in the last box. My box this month had a total value of $35.62, more than the $25 I paid for it on the month-to-month plan. Maybe one day I'll consider picking up the 6-month plan to save a few bucks, but for now I may have to stop this one after the next box comes in (I already paid for it) because my Barkbox renewed last month and two doggy boxes is way more than enough (even with our brand new troublemaker). Perhaps once we run through our stockpile of treats I'll consider picking this one up again. But for the record, I am very impressed with the quality and quantity of treats we've been receiving from Happy Dog Box.

If you'd like to subscribe to Happy Dog Box, please use my code to receive 50% off your first box of goodies for your beloved family member! That's only $12.50 for over $30 worth of treats and toys to share with your furball!

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