Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Allure Summer Beauty Box 2014 FAIL!

My first experience with the Allure Beauty Box craziness and why I won't be trying to get one anymore.

A couple of weeks ago I heard about one of Allure's famous Summer Beauty Boxes set to go on sale April 29 at 12:01 PM EST. $44.95+shipping for over $350 worth of products!

Pick me!

Around the same time Bare Escentuals had their Beauty Surprise Box on sale ($45 for $239 worth of makeup). I love bargains so I knew I was gonna purchase one of these (not both, can't afford both :(  ). 

No pick ME!
I had the Bare Escentuals box in my shopping cart and I was just about to click submit when I asked myself if I would really be able to go through all that makeup before it went bad. I don't wear makeup everyday so the obvious answer was no. So I emptied my cart and shut down my computer before I could change my mind, deciding to wait for the Allure box instead. A few days later the Surprise Box sold out and I was no longer tempted to go back on my decision.

I had heard how quickly the Allure Beauty Boxes sell out so I made sure to be on the site at exactly 12:01 PM (6:01 AM Hawaii time), only to be greeted with a blank page. For the next several minutes I tried loading and reloading, getting the same result each time. Online chatter suggested that the site was down and nobody had gotten through. 

After one hour the page finally loaded but the site read "Coming Soon." So apparently SOMETHING was wrong because it was waaay past the start of sale time. Another 15 minutes went by and someone posted a direct link to the box order form since the website was down. I filled out everything and clicked submit only to be confronted by an annoying pop-up window: 

"Sorry, we do not ship to Alaska or Hawaii. Please provide a different mailing address."

WHAT THE WHAT!! I wasted over an hour of my life (and precious data on my phone) only to find out I could never get a box in the first place?!! It would've been nice if they could at least make it clear on the announcement that boxes were only available to the 48 contiguous states so I would know not to waste my time trying to purchase one.

Yours truly at the moment

I'm so bummed that I decided to give up the Bare Escentuals box only to try for a one that I could never get. This comes on the tails of my failed attempt at purchasing a Glossybox subscription at a deeply discounted rate because they don't ship to Hawaii either. And the fact that many retailers who have supercheap shipping specials always write in fine print: Offer excludes Alaska and Hawaii. Ah, the downside of paradise. Nothing is ever cheap. Ever. Oh well maybe it's for the better. At least I saved a bunch of money. I'll just use some of that money to buy ice cream and everything will be okay again. Spoken like a true piggy. 

So was anybody able to purchase the Allure Beauty Box? If so, wanna do swaps? :)


  1. Let me know if there's something you desperately want that you can't get in Hawaii. Send it to me and I'll send it to you. I live in Seattle so I'm almost as close as I can get :D I'm horrified that Glossybox doesn't ship to Hawaii or Alaska!

    1. Aww thank you, you're too sweet! Thankfully I haven't come across anything that I'd give my left arm for, but I'll definitely keep your offer in mind. Thanks so much again!!