Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Furball Update!

Hi, friends! Nothing of real substance to report today; I just wanted to share my latest puppy adventures! Macho's sister, Pebbles, is just about 13 weeks old and as close to the sterotypical little sister as you can get (speaking from experience...from the little sister's perspective. Hehe). She always wants to be by her brother and constantly bugs him to play. She wants whatever toy he has and panics when he leaves her sight. He, on the other hand, misses being an only child and wants nothing to do with her at playtime. :(

But in the very beginning it was different. When Pebbles first came home, Macho was very curious and kept sniffing her to get acquainted. He was a very nice and well behaved older brother. He even followed her around the first couple of days.

What's this? And why does it sleep so much?
And why is Dad photobombing our picture?
Maybe if I just scoot up a little, I can - oh yeah, that's nice.
 I can finally show all my friends that I'm not the shortest in the family.
Look at me, friends! A picture is worth a thousand words.
A few days after we picked her up, she had her first vet exam. No shots yet, so it was a piece of cake.

She didn't seem to want to be carried, though.

I uppercut yo face!

Human Win.

She even got to be queen of the car for a bit. Not even Macho got to sit in the driver's seat till he was almost 4 months old.

Within a week of bringing her home she started coming out of her shell. We discovered that she liked to copy Macho. You see her sitting in front of the sliding door in the pic below? That's Macho's all-time favorite hang out spot. That exact spot.

What? Move you feet lose your seat, buster.
This pillow was Macho's Christmas present last year. He took an immediate liking to it and it quickly became his go-to spot to chill with his toys. Of course, he hardly gets to use it now because Pebbles has taken over. This is her favorite hang out spot. As soon as she gets her jaws on a toy she makes a beeline for the pillow and doesn't let anyone on board. Not even Macho.

"Mind if I join in, sis?"
"My pillow. My toys. No boys allowed."
He was okay with it at first but quickly grew bored of playing the part of the tolerant older brother and soon started giving her a taste of her own medicine.

"You forget that I'm bigger and quicker." *Yoink!*
"Brother! We shall battle for who gets rights to The Pillow of Soft."
"Pbffflt. I got like 30 lbs on you, girl."
I think Pebbles sees herself as a big dog. She constantly tries to jump on Macho and of course he just knocks her down, but she gets right back up and tries again. At least we know she's a fighter.

We also found out right away that she loves balls. And squeaky toys. The best are squeaky balls (again, just like Macho).

At first C and I were kind of bummed because while she did master the corgi sploot (see 2nd photo up top), she didn't like to go to her back like other corgis. Until about a week in. Then I caught her doing the backsleeper. Pretty soon she started going to her back whenever she played with a toy. Now I think she plays on her back more than Macho does. But what I still can't figure out is why she likes to sleep in contorted positions. How does she not wake up with a stiff neck??

She still needs another round of boosters so she can't go to the dog parks yet, but we try to give her lots of play time in the backyard so she can let out all her pent up energy. Holy cow, I think she has more energy than Macho had as a puppy!

The best is when we let both of them out at the same time. She doesn't know how to leave him alone and he's starting to fight back to her advances, so they both get tired without me having to throw a single ball! Sorry I don't have any pictures of their backyard playtime for you guys; they move way too fast and all I catch are blurs. Macho's a play-growler so it's super noisy when they get together, especially when he gets in the zone. It's a bit scary when he gets too excited, though, because he gets a little too rough (he even drew blood from her ear once), but she recovers and charges right back again. Pebbles has yet to back down from Macho, although sometimes I wish she would so that she understands the social concept of submission. We usually end up pulling them apart before it gets out of hand, so maybe that's why she hasn't submitted yet and thinks she owns him. What do you think?

Because of their tendency to get on each other's nerves we don't trust them hanging out together in the pen all day while we're at work, so although they can see each other, they're still physically separated. The setup seems to be working well so far; they bark at each other sometimes but they don't try to attack each other through the wires. Guess they're just talking story. And when we come home they normally look pretty peaceful.

Hi Mom, welcome home. We're sleeping. Don't bother us.
The only time they can be right next to each other without playfighting is on car rides. And that's only because Pebbles get motion sickness. Macho's always happy as a clam in cars but on this particular car ride Pebbles threw up. Twice.

"I hate roller coasters."
And that's the latest on our newest member of our clan. Still a work in progress but I think we're slowly getting there. Pebbles is actually pretty smart - so far she knows how to sit, stay, and lie down. She still has a bit to go until she's housebroken but so far I think she gets the idea, although sometimes she's a sneaky little bitch. We're crate training her so we only give her enough room to sleep, and since dogs don't like to poop where they sleep the idea is she'll learn to hold it in. When we were training Macho his clever idea would be to poop in his crate and then throw his blanket over it to hide it so he wouldn't have to sit in it. Pebbles is past that already. She poops outside her crate. How the heck?! I can only imagine she backs allll the way up against the wires and lets it drop. Not a single log touches the tray. Darn dog outsmarted the humans and she's only three months old!

Life has definitely gotten a lot more interesting since welcoming the new furball into our lives, but I wouldn't trade it for the world. I'm happy Macho finally has a playmate so he doesn't have to endure being alone for hours on end everyday (although at this point it looks like he misses his alone time). I just wish they'd learn how to play nicely and be able to walk side by side without thinking it's playtime. If you have multiple dogs, did your dogs always scuffle when together? How did you get them to stop?

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