Friday, April 4, 2014

Happy Dog Box Review - April 2014 + 50% off coupon

I got home yesterday and found a delightful surprise in my mailbox. Our Happy Dog Box arrived a few days earlier than usual. Yay! Here's a brief rundown of this wonderful service.

What: A box of 5-6 quality dog treats, toys, and grooming products delivered right to your door
When: Monthly boxes usually ship out around the 23rd of the previous month
Cost: Starts at $28/mo, but goes as low as $21/mo depending on the subscription plan
Fun Fact: A portion of proceeds is donated to shelters and rescue foundations

This is our third box, and all have been well-received by the pups judging by the happy dance that Macho always performs until I let him go to town on the box (the clean up part is NOT fun). No real theme this month, but the info card wishes all pups a barking good time as they explore their box. I actually think I got the wrong info card because out of the six brands listed on the flipside, I only received a product from one of them for April. How you figure??

Pet Qwerks Sock Monkey (Approx. Value: $7.50)

Sock monkeys are making their comeback! When I first saw this I was a bit concerned because my dogs live for ripping apart toys, and what easier target than a sock monkey full of seams and a billion catch points for teeth? Nonetheless I pushed aside my fears and let the pups go at it. Pebbles loves this toy. Actually she loves any toy that belongs to Macho. Since Macho knows what to do with the boxes, I let him open it as she watched and learned. The monkey was the first thing he picked up and naturally she thought it was his toy, so as soon as I let her jump in she ran straight for it. I'm still a bit wary of them playing together because she's like the annoying little sister always trying to get up in his business and he's a typical annoyed big brother who just wants to be left alone. So when they get together she does her sisterly thing and he plays/bites back, albeit a little too rough at times especially to a 12 week old puppy. But seeing as how she has to learn to take what she dishes, I let them go for a few minutes no-holds-barred style. They started playing with the monkey and to my surprise it held up extremely well to 10 straight minutes of tug of war. After 10 minutes the monkey was okay, but the pups were tired. Ha. Go figure.

Corgi mentality: If we stand and tug it'll still look like we're lying down.
Might as well save energy and just play lying down.

Pet 'n Shape Beef Lung Treats (Approx. Value: $8.00)

I couldn't find any pricing info on this so $8.00 is a guess. I've never heard of beef lung treats before, but I'm not surprised such a thing exists, especially after all the other beef/pork organs we've received in previous pet boxes. These beef lung tidbits are supposedly high in protein. I'm sure Macho's stubby but muscular legs will appreciate that. Pebbles might have to wait a bit before I decide to give these to her...don't want to spoil her with all the yummy stuff while she's still a youngin' and still got sooo much more training to do!

Plato Eos Turkey and Cranberry Treats (Value: $6.30)

We received this in our December Barkbox and still haven't gotten to it. That's how far behind in treats we are now that we're restricting Fatso's treat intake and I refuse to have more than 5 open bags of treats at once. Looks like something I'd salivate over if I were a pup though. Grain free and made in the USA.

Barkworthies Femur Bone (Value: 14.70)

Holy mega meatballs, Batman! This thing is huge! I wish I put a pencil or something next to it for comparison. It's almost a foot long! Well I guess it should be, considering it's from a cow and cows are about as tall as I am. Ohmigosh is that how my femur looks?! I think this is something more appropriate for big dogs (I mean, can you imagine a corgi dragging that thing around?), but when the dogs dig in I'll be sure to capture the moment and share it with you all for your viewing (giggling?) pleasure.

Pet Kelp Chicken Jerky with Kelp and Blueberries (Value: $9.00)

This company uses (surprise!) kelp in all their products. Kelp contains lots of vitamins and minerals and is one of the most nutrient-rich plants on the planet (from their website. I'm not that smart). Sounds healthy. If past experience is any indicator, Macho spits out anything green (except grass, he loves grass) so I hope the jerky is yummy enough to cover up all traces of anything healthy so my junk food lover can eat his vegetables. Maybe if I start Pebbles on this now she'll learn to love her greens?

This month's box contained fewer goodies than previous months but was valued at a whopping $45.50! It wasn't as heavy on chews as earlier boxes but that's fine because the furbutts have quite a stockpile of chews to go through still yet. Sadly, I had to stop this subscription for now because the dogs are getting treats way faster than we can go through them. Our Barkbox sub will take us into the summer and maybe after that I'll consider picking up Happy Dog Box again. We really have been very happy with everything we've received; it took me two whole months to make up my mind to cancel!

If you'd like to start receiving a box of fun for your deserving pup, please use my link to receive 50% off your first Happy Dog Box.

Note: Post contains referral links. These are my honest opinions, and I received no compensation for this review.


  1. You definitely have to post a picture of your Corgis with that bone! It's been a few days, is the monkey still in one piece? I definitely got the card for this box. I remember the kelp treats. I also try to be so good about not having too many treat bags open. I usually fail. The dogs are happy though!

    1. Sadly, the monkey finally succumbed to Macho's jaws yesterday. But it did withstand three bouts of tug of war. Not bad for a couple of crazy chewers!