Friday, April 11, 2014

Julep Speckled for Spring Mystery Box 2014 Review

Earlier this week I saw that Julep released their Spring Mystery Boxes. This time there were three choices - one containing Kimberly-Boho Glam (a wisteria pink polish with black specks), one with Emerson-Classic With A Twist (powder blue with black specks), and a 100% mystery box. I just purchased the Lucky Mystery Box last month and really don't need anymore nail polish, but I love pastel colors, and what better time for pastels than spring? So of course it was a no brainer for me to pick one up. I opted for the box with Emerson. It was in my mailbox a day earlier than the tracking info said it would get here. Love when that happens!

When I tore into the box I couldn't help but feel a bit let down. A few of the items were repeats from the last mystery box. I mean it's not totally their fault because I'm the one who picked out the box; it's just that I thought they'd put different stuff in consecutive boxes to minimize the chances of repeats. It's as if they just had a whole bunch of extra from last month and decided to throw them into this one. This is only my second mystery box, so I don't know if this is a normal thing? Am I just being too nitpicky? But there were some things I like so it's not a total loss.

Glycolic Hand Scrub / Forget-Me-Not Seeds (Value: $23.00)

These are a couple of the repeat items from my Lucky Mystery Box. I hear good things about the scrub, but I'm still using a homemade sugar scrub I received during the holidays and I have the duplicate tube, so I my end up gifting this or swapping it. And I'm sure one pack of seeds is more than enough to replace the flowers I inadvertently killed along the walkway at home; I'm thinking of giving these to the next person who wants to test out their green thumb.

Lip Vernis - in Peony (Value: $18.00)

I love this lip gloss! It's a nude blush creme that's subtle with the perfect amount of shine. I've gone through sooo many tubes of gloss that were either too sticky or too dark/light. It also smells yummy, like vanilla. This one's a definite win for me.

Julep Luxe Repair Skin Serum (Value: $3.27)

Holy smokes this thing is expensive. The 0.6 oz full size goes for a non-Maven price of $28 in the Julep shop. But you only need a few drops at a time so even this foil should last at least a couple of uses. Not sure if I'd pay that much just for the sake of my skin since I don't feel like it's incredibly damaged, but I'll gladly give it a try and keep my eyes open for any magic.

Nail Polish (Value: $14.00 each)

Spring Mystery Box nail polishes (L-R): Max, Yumi, Emerson, Josephine, Tatiana
Pretty good assortment of polishes. Here's what I got:

Max-It Girl - black and white speckled top coat
Yumi-Classic With A Twist - pink/silver/holographic glitter polish
Emerson-Classic With A Twist - powder blue with black speckles
Josephine-It Girl - deep teal gray (I think it looks more like a charcoal gray)
Tatiana-Boho Glam - golden burnt orange shimmer

For the most part I'm happy with the polishes in the Spring Mystery box. One of them (Tatiana) was another repeat from the Lucky Box, but I'll see if I can swap that for something else. I'm really excited to try out Max, Yumi, and Emerson because hello, Easter egg nails! It will probably take a while for me to warm up to the idea of wearing a dark color like Josephine, but I like charcoal gray and it matches the color of my truck so I'm game!

Mystery Box Add-On: Edith-Classic With A Twist (Value: $14.00)

Another one I can't wait to try. I picked up this add-on for $4.99. I love deals! Pinks are my favorite color polish to wear (ironic, since I normally don't like pink) and I like shimmery polishes. Edith is a cherry blossom pink shimmer. Score! Also, it was created in honor of the Edith Sanford Breast Cancer Foundation. Double score!

The Spring Mystery Box had a non-Maven value of $114.27, but I only paid about $30 including shipping (but not including the add-on). Sweet! Honestly, I'm both sad and happy about this box. Sad because I got three repeat items from the last mystery box, but happy because all the new stuff I got were freaking awesome! I guess it's more good than bad though because I can always swap the duplicate stuff. So yay!


  1. I really love the speckled polishes! I am kinda regretting not ordering one now :0 (

    1. There's still time! I think you can order mystery boxes until midnight tonight PST :)

  2. Oh, I like your add on polish choice! I know you weren't the only one who got a repeat of Tatiana. Apparently it has been in the last three (!!) mystery box rounds.

    1. Whoa really?? They're really trying to push that color, huh! I haven't had a chance to try out the Edith yet, but I'm really looking forward to it. Perfect for spring!!

  3. Not bad; the colors that would've been repeats for me would've been ones I could easily have found homes for. FYI, though--you definitely need an undercoat for Edith; it's the only Julep polish that's turned my nails yellow.

    I got the 100% mystery and wish I'd gone with what you got.

    1. Ooh thanks for the tip! I got Emerson on now; I think I'm gonna try Edith next. Yeah I heard lots of mixed reviews about the 100% mystery box. I hope your next one is better!

    2. I did Edith on 9 of my nails with Evie on the accent, and did the white crackle over all of them, and that was gorgeous.

      I hope the next box is, too, thanks! Two of the colors and the lip gloss are decent, the other two colors I don't care for but are my sister's school colors, and the lip plumper stinks. I'm looking forward to the nail masks, though.