Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Baribox Review - May 2014

Hey papercrafters! It's Baribox time again! Over the past few months I've seen great improvement in the curation of the boxes. It seems like Baribox is really working on the variety of brands they include each month. Here's a little info on the box:

What: Baribox is a paper crafting subscription box service
When: Boxes ship monthly, usually during the second half of the month
Cost: $12.99/month

A few weeks ago they sent an email to subscribers announcing a change in ownership but assured everyone that subscription service would be uninterrupted. Yesterday I received May's box, around the time I was expecting it. So far so good. Let's see what we got this month, shall we?

Sticko "Vintage Cameras" Stickers (Value: $1.50)

These are cute camera stickers perfect for the summer travelling season. Not to mention they're in fun summer colors. I'm not planning any trips this summer so I probably won't be taking enough pictures to warrant using these in a photo album, but I'll keep em handy.

We R Memory Keepers Sew Easy Floss - Green (Approx. Value: $2.50)

DMC floss, embroidery thread - whatever you call it - it's no longer just for embroidery. Well I've never used it for embroidery, anyway. I actually use it to make bunting to dress up my cards. Speaking of which, I know I said I was gonna start making cards again but I haven't. Every time I sit down to make one I remember some un-fun chore I have to do. Life, huh?

7 Gypsies Travel Mini Label Stickers (Approx. Value: $1.20)

More adorable travel-themed stickers appropriate for summer. I've never heard of this brand before, but their website is very interesting. Everything is centered around a vintage theme - even their product catalog layouts look vintage. Again, I probably won't be using most of these anytime soon (except for the one about "Insufficient Funds"...I can always use that one), but I'll keep them with my other fun summer stickers.

Fancy Pants Small Chalk Tags (Approx. Value: $2.50)

I've been thinking of picking up chalk tags for my sugar/flour/rice/cornstarch/etc jars at home because it looks 100x better than sharpie scribbled on a piece of masking tape. Then my annoying frugal side insists that tape gets the job done just fine, and because I'm cheap I listen to the cheapskate. But now I can tell that tightwad to shove it because I got my very own tags without even going out and looking for it. :) Now I just have to find (*gasp* buy???) some chalk...

Queen & Company Deco Dots - Green & Orange (Total Value: $5.00)

These are sparkly, shiny adhesive dots. 3-D embellishments are my favorite things to use when doing paper crafts because they really make the project pop and add lots of color. I love nondescript accents that are appropriate for anything. This is a win.

The total value of May's box was $12.70, about the same I paid for it. I thought Baribox did a good job of sticking to summer colors and themes, but I wish I could get more use out of those stickers. That's not their fault, though. I'm really glad I got the chalk tags so I can finally make my kitchen look a little more neat and organized. It's surprising how big a difference something so little can make. 

Considering the relocation and change in ownership that Baribox underwent over the past month, I'd say they're doing a decent job making sure their customers are still getting what they paid for. Next month is my last box and my craft stash (especially the stickers and scrapbook paper) is overflowing the containers I just bought, so I might have to put this one on hold for a while until I use up some of it.


  1. It's hard because you could take the same $12 and buy things you *would* use. It doesn't seem like the value is there for you with this box. If you were super-crafter, it might be but it sounds like you have other things going on. I know how that feels. Heh. My wedding scrapbook album is still half finished and I got married six years ago. I always want to pull everything out and just finish it but there's so many other things to do (besides scrapbook my wedding which was ages ago). I do occasionally get out the bits for a birthday or thank you card but not nearly often enough. I love it so much I just don't know why it's so hard to get back into it!

    1. That is true. It's fun to receive scrapbooking surprises in the mail, but I just wish the value was a bit higher. I'm really looking forward to making a wedding album too, but in reality I know it'll take me like 10 years to complete. By then I'll have kids and they'll be all like, "Mom, what are those things on the pages? Wait...what's a page?" *sigh* Digital technology.