Sunday, May 25, 2014

Birchbox Review - May 2014

My Birchbox finally came in! I've been doing a pretty good job of refraining from looking online to see what I'm getting (it usually takes about 3 looong weeks to get here), and I must say almost every month I'm pleasantly surprised when I finally do get my first look. For the Birchbox clueless, let me enlighten you a bit:

What: A box of 4-6 samples of high-end beauty and lifestyle products
When: Ships on the 10th of each month
Cost: $10/month or $110/year upfront
Fun fact: Birchbox has an awesome points system where you can review products or make purchases from the Birchbox shop to earn points. Every 100 points gets you $10 credit in the BB shop.

May's theme is Freewheeling. As in bursting into action and taking a fresh and playful approach to life. The packaging this month was yellow instead of the normal pink in celebration of Kate Spade Saturday, the newest brand from the uber popular designer. Each box also contained a $25 off coupon from the website! I didn't see anything that caught my eye yet, but they add things every week and the coupon is good until 7/1 so I'm bound to find something I like by then!

May's info card

Gilchrist & Soames Spa Therapy Body Lotion (Sample Value:$2.50)

This is the second lotion Birchbox sent me from this brand (the first was in my March box). It contains sea fennel extract which soothes skin, and other marine-based vitamins and minerals that hydrate and reverse environmental damage. I like this one because it absorbs well and the scent is not overpowering. C has really dry skin and while he refused to use the other Gilchrist & Soames sample because of the strong scent, he was okay with this one.

Nexxus Color Assure System (Sample Value: $1.50)

This 3-step system is composed of a hair primer, shampoo, and conditioner. All three components are sulfate-free and contain white orchid extract to moisturize, almond oil to strengthen hair, coconut oil to add bounce, and argan oil for shine. These are actually crafty foil packets disguised as mini bottles. Clever.

Update 5/27/14: I don't like. The primer wouldn't wash out of my hair, though that might just be because it was so hard to get any shampoo out of the packaging so I pretty much washed my hair with plain water. Then the oil-infused conditioner left my hair greasy for the whole day. One good thing about these? They smell DIVINE.


Whish Shave Crave Shaving Cream - in Acai Grapefruit (Sample Value: $2.90)

This shave cream is a Birchbox exclusive. After hearing about how great this smelled I was hoping I'd get one in my box this month! I'm a sucker for all things yummy-scented. But when I used it I thought it was a bit on the strong side. That's no biggie, though. It still smells refreshing. The blueberry and the pomegranate scents look scrumptious too, but I'm not sure if I'd be willing to fork out $20 just for a 150ml bottle of shaving cream. But I can guarantee I'll use up all of this sample!

Pixi Shea Butter Lip Balm - in Coral Crush (Value: $8.00)

This is full-sized! I take forever to go through lip balms yet I keep opening them whenever I get one. I have one at work, two in my purse, and three opened ones at home. I thought this was gonna tint my lips a little but I really didn't notice any difference in color. I just put it on so I guess I can't say yet whether or not it's long-lasting

Update 5/27/14: So I guess this did tint my lips, after all. I'm just too blind to see it. I NEVER wear makeup to work (not to mention I also sport a daily t-shirt/jeans getup so I won't stick out like a sore thumb...awesome, eh?), and literally 10 minutes after I decided to slap some of this on, one of my coworkers asked if I was wearing lipstick. Then come lunch time, C swung by to drop off some food because he's awesome on his days off, and he asked if I was wearing lipstick. What the fudge?!

32 Oral Care Effervescent Breath Crystals - in Peppermint and Honey Mint (Sample Value: $1.00)

Pop Rocks. That's what comes to mind when you throw these in your mouth. Each pack contains zinc and IsoVoxy (32's term for the cleansing & refreshing agents) crystals that actually kill bacteria to get rid of bad breath rather than just masking it. The peppermint flavor is not bad, but the honey mint...does not smell good. I'm not a fan of honey-flavored things in the first place (real honey by itself is a-ok!), but the scent of it just ruined the whole pack for me. It also comes in spearmint and lemon mint flavors.

May's box had a total of just under $16. I'm happy to say I'll be using everything I got this month! I thought this was a pretty good mix of items - skincare, hair care, shaving cream, lip care, and breath fresheners. The lotion and lip balm are definitely a win, and I'm glad I got to try out the shave cream I've been eyeing for so long. Plus that $25 off coupon is a good deal too!

What did you get in your Birchbox this month? If you'd like to start experimenting with samples and being able to try before you buy, please use my referral link. You'll get a chance to try lots of stuff you wouldn't normally buy, and maybe even discover a new favorite along the way!

Note: Post contains referral links. This post reflects my honest opinion of the products and I was not compensated for this review in any way.


  1. Yay! Same as me! They are definitely "crafty foil packets"! Not too easy to get all the product out of either :\. The good thing is that it's 3 reviews for points! I can't believe the Whish full size is $20!! Ack!

    1. I just used the Nexxus tonight and I think I ended up throwing half of it away because I couldn't squeeze all of it out. I think I would've actually preferred the boring foils