Thursday, May 15, 2014

Julep - Free Keepsake Box With $35 Purchase!

I try not to give in to free-gift-with-purchase offers because while the spendthrift devil on my shoulder tells me it's a good deal, thankfully the practical angel on my other shoulder tells me I can do without spending the extra moolah to get a face scrub or necklace when I'm perfectly happy with the ones I already use. HOWEVER, this morning I saw this in my inbox:

I was getting by just fine with using old Birchboxes as jewelry boxes, but....LACQUER! A $48 value FREE with a $35 purchase! Normally I'd probably contemplate it for a minute before ultimately deciding to save my money, BUT I've been eyeing out their Plie Wand Nail Polishing System because let's face it: I'm incredibly sucky at precision when it comes to nail polish. And guess what? The wand system sells for $35. Perrrfect. I think it was meant to be. My own early wedding present to myself :)

Oh! And I'm not a maven so I usually have to pay $4-5 standard shipping to Hawaii, but for some reason this one was free. Double deals!!

If you have something you've been holding out on getting from Julep, go get it now! Use code KEEPSAKEGIFT to get your free white lacquer jewelry box with any $35 purchase through May 19th.

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