Friday, June 27, 2014

Baribox Review - June 2014

It's time to get my crafty on with Baribox!

What: Baribox is a paper crafting subscription box service
When: Boxes ship monthly, usually during the second half of the month
Cost: $12.99/month

For some reason the box had some cement/rock crumbs rolling around in it. Baribox did just go through a management/location change. Maybe this was a gift to all subscribers so they can feel like they're actually there where all the action is happening? Anyway, the box:

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Mini Corners (Value: $2.99)

I didn't own any Tim Holtz stuff even though I wanted to, and now voila! Hello, Tim! These are mini corners for use with canvas or photos. I do have a bunch of pictures waiting to be mounted on the wall from when we moved in (almost two years ago!), so if/when I ever get around to making my house look like a home I'll use these.

Melissa Frances Paper Doilies (Value: $1.99)

Cute, but I have no use for doilies. Would be very nice for placing silverware on if you're into that kind of stuff, but I'm not refined enough to do that. I don't even use coasters. Heck, I don't even use placemats. Might be why there's all kinds of mysterious food stains showing up on my table...

Tim Holtz Idea-ology Reinforcers (Value: $1.99)

Another Tim Holtz product. Adhesive reinforcements. Most of his stuff are inspired by all things antique as you can tell in the photo below. Unfortunately I stopped using reinforcements when they stopped being a requirement on the school supply list in 6th grade. I save money and use scotch tape instead. Call me cheap, but I'm sure every single one of you reading this has done it before too ;)

Sampling of the reinforcement adhesives

 Tim Holtz Distress Marker - in Aged Mahogany (Value: $3.49)

Aged Mahogany is just another name for brown. This is yet another Tim Holtz product, this time from the Distress line, and it's just what I needed! I've been looking for stamp markers and so far I have two. Whoop whoop.

Wool Felt Sheets (Value: ??)

I can definitely find something to make with this. It looks like some glue from something got stuck on the blue one though :( Or if I really want to be practical about it maybe I can use these to make padding for my cabinet doors since the silicone ones all fell off. 

June's Baribox had a value of $10.46 not including the felt sheets. When I first signed up, the value and variety wasn't there. Then it got better for a few months, but I feel that for the past couple of months it's been going downhill again. Three of the items were from the same brand and the value maybe broke even with the cost. Since we don't have a Hobby Lobby or any big chain crafts stores where I live, the cost of these things would be grossly inflated here, so in that sense this box would be a good value. But I do wish there would be a better variety of brands. I think I'll take a break from Baribox for now because there are some other ones I want to try. Plus I have yet to touch my craft box this year! 

Note: This box was purchased using my own funds and no compensation was received for this review


  1. I think you'll be happy to spend that money on other more fun things :D

    It took me nearly 3 years to get all our art onto the walls after we moved in so don't feel bad. Walking the dogs is more important that hanging things on the wall. Also, eating. ;)

    1. At the rate I'm going now I think I'll take at least 3 years too! We started making a rock garden in our front yard a year ago and we still have bags of river rocks out front! I really need to work on finishing projects...