Thursday, June 26, 2014

Birchbox Review - June 2014

Birchbox time! Who's going on a trip this summer? Apparently it's high time to pass through those high altitudes. Birchbox is partnering up with jetBlue Airlines to give away 23 roundtrip airfares to anywhere within the U.S. June's box came with a little quiz to help you figure out which major city suits your tastes. Apparently I should go to San Francisco.

But wait! What's Birchbox?

What: A box of 4-6 samples of high-end beauty and lifestyle products
When: Ships on the 10th of each month
Cost: $10/month or $110/year upfront
Fun fact: Birchbox has an awesome points system where you can review products or make purchases from the Birchbox shop to earn points. Every 100 points gets you $10 credit in the BB shop.

Obviously, June's theme is about taking trips (or maybe a staycation if that's your thing). That means travel-ready samples and on-the-go inspiration. Here's the info card:

Antica Farmacista Bergamot & Ocean Aria Body Wash (Approx. Sample Value: $2.50)

Mixed feelings. That's what I got from this body wash. Washes well enough, but it's like sniffing cotton candy - it only smells good in small quantities. This stuff smells okay, but it's kinda too sophisticated and might give me a headache if the scent lingers around post-shower. 

No. 4 L'eau de Mare Hydrating Shampoo and Conditioner (Approx. Total Sample Value: $5.00)

Again, I'm not a huge fan of the scent. It smells like cologne to me. Cologne smells nice on a guy, not on my hair. But it's not a total bust. I'm not picky about having sulfates in my shampoo; in fact I like the lather. But this is sulfate-free AND it lathers nicely....!!....????? If I ever color my hair at least I know I'll be able to keep my color AND my suds. But still, the scent. Too strong. I could still smell it the following afternoon and I kept thinking some dude was standing nearby. As for the conditioner, that was a bonus that Birchbox threw in. The foil packet was barely enough to get me through one shower, but I think it left my hair feeling soft? Can't tell if it was for real or a fluke. 

Cynthia Rowley Eyeliner - Silver (Sample Value: $12.00)

Sorry. I can't pull off silver. Give me black, brown or blue and I can do something with it. But silver? I still haven't found a way to make it work on single eyelids (every time I read makeup tutorials and they talk about applying eyeshadow till the crease I'm like, "What the heck, what crease?! I lack those!!"). And I'm not a fan of funky, fashion statement ways to apply, so sorry Cynthia, we must part.

Suki Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser (Sample Value: $1.65)

Favorite. First off, this smells like lemons. Can you say yum? Secondly, don't fret if some accidentally gets in your mouth when you smile because it smells so awesome, because it doesn't taste bad at all (don't judge me). Sweet, actually. Plus, you can feel the beads dissolve into your skin while exfoliating. If I didn't already have a ton of exfoliates I might consider purchasing the full size. Or maybe I'll just purchase the full-size anyway. I love it that much.

The nitty gritty

Catherine Malandrino Fragrance (Approx. Sample Value: $1.50)

What's with the strongly scented stuff in this month's box? I prefer fruity and florals and this smells sophisticated. Not me at all. Scent-wise and real-life wise. I didn't even have to open up the envelope to catch a whiff - it emanated throughout the whole box.

This box was valued at over $22, which is a nice value, but it definitely was not one of my favorite Birchboxes. Three of the samples (not including the conditioner) were too heavily scented for my taste, and the color selection of one did not match my preferences. There was only one item I truly enjoyed. Oddly enough, that might be enough to keep me from calling this box a total disaster. It's rare that I'm ever tempted to purchase a full size product from the Birchbox shop, and the Suki exfoliate makes me want to do just that.

If you'd like to discover new high-end beauty products, pick up a subscription using my link. I'll get some points and you'll get a brand spanking new subscription! Everybody's happy :)

Note: Post contains referral links. I paid for this box with my own funds and did not receive any compensation for this review.


  1. My box was pretty meh, too. But here's what you can do with your silver eyeliner... Line your bottom waterline with the silver. It's supposed to brighten the whites of your eyes and make your eyes look bigger. And you can't really tell youre wearing it because its silver. If you have sensitive eyes, this probably isn't going to work for you.

    1. Ooh ok thanks I'll try that. I do have small eyes so maybe people won't think I'm always sleeping. Haha