Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Bulu Box Review - June 2014

Today I received my first ever Bulu Box! The scoops:

What: Bulu Box is a health, wellness, and (optional) weight loss subscription containing 4-5 premium samples. Two box curations: Regular and Weight Loss. This review is for the Weight Loss box.
When: Ships monthly on the 15th
Cost: $10/month (free shipping)
Extra tidbits: Earn points for purchasing Bulu Boxes/items in the shop, reviewing box items, and referring friends. Every 10 points counts as $1 credit in the Bulu Box shop

Boxes are normally $10 each but I was able to catch a deal for 50% off -- $15 for a 3-month subscription. That makes this bargain shopper a happy camper! Let's dig in!

June 2014 Bulu Box

June Bulu Box info card

pur-Absorb Iron Supplements (Sample Value: $1.57)

These are liquid iron supplements. It has one (well technically two) ingredients: iron-rich natural spring water. There really isn't enough iron in one packet to qualify as a supplement by my standards (5 mg), but it is what it is. You can either drink this alone or add it to your favorite beverage for a mini boost of iron. Maybe I'll use this the next time I go to donate blood; the last time I got rejected because my iron was a smidge below acceptable :( (In my defense that week I had been loading up on my tea intake since I'm not a coffee drinker!)

Noxicare Natural Pain Relief (Full Size! Value: $26.95)

This is a pain relief cream that promises to do more than just numb sore muscles to mask the pain. The painkillers within work to relax muscles, reduce inflammation, and increase blood flow to ease pain away. It contains a whole lot of plant extracts with anti-inflammatory properties - tumeric, rosemary, and ginger to name a few. I think I'll give this a shot the next time I overestimate my gym abilities (i.e. I think I'm stronger than I really am).

Manitoba Harvest HempPro 70 Protein Powder (Sample Value: $0.88)

So this is protein powder, not weed powder like I thought at first. Well that's a relief. This packet contains 1/2 serving. I'm not sure why they didn't want to give a single full serving. Supposedly hemp protein is easier to digest than whey. I'm not a protein shake kind of person (I prefer to just drink a glass of chocolate milk or something after a workout), so I wouldn't be able to tell you if I noticed a difference between this hemp protein and the regular whey or soy types. Maybe I'll pass this one off to C since he drinks protein shakes regularly.

Kickbutt Amped Energy Ballz (Sample Value: $2.72)

The package says each contains two ballz, but I only feel one in there (haha...I couldn't have chosen worse wording). It's kinda like a PowerBar in candy form. There's protein plus caffeine and sugar. It does also contain creatine, but it's a very small amount (6 mg) and far from enough to cause kidney damage. I'm not sure if I'd trust myself eating hard candy while running (I'm that accident prone person who should never be running with scissors) so I doubt I'll be picking up the full size once these four (two?) ballz are gone.

Bach Remedy Rescue Pearls (Full Size! Value: $12.99)

Calling all stressed out folks: this one's made especially for you. Five flower remedies work to calm nerves and ease tension. I kind of feel like this is aromatherapy for your mouth. Does that even make sense? This is one of those curious things that I want to try just for kicks. I normally roll with the punches so I'm generally not a stressed out person anyway, but I want to witness the flower power. I'm pretty sure the serving size is one capsule so this allows me to stress out 28 times. This should last me a good year.

Shapeology Burn Blend (Sample Value: $1.33)

These capsules mimic the effects of high metabolism to result in higher calorie burn and weight loss. This sounds scarily similar to Hydroxycut. There's no ephedra in Burn Blend, but I'm always skeptical about using supplements that mess with metabolism if I can't find a whole lot of info on it.

Naked Wines Voucher
There was also a wine voucher from Naked Wines good for $100 off a $160+ order. This does sounds like a good offer, but right now I have nowhere to put 6 bottles of wine. Plus C will call me an alcoholic.

My first box had a good mix of items, from fat burners to pain relief to stress remedies. It had an awesome value of $46.44, with the highest valued item (Noxicare cream) being the one I'm most interested in trying. Pretty good for only paying $5, huh! The rest of the box is just okay. Even if everything else sucked, at least the pain relief cream would've still more than made up for what I paid. The only real bummer was the Shapeology metabolism pills. It sounds really sketchy and I'm on the verge of just tossing it (good thing they only gave two pills). C is really into his energy supplements (PowerBars, Honey Stingers, GU gels) for his long bike rides and protein shakes so part of the reason I picked up a subscription was to see if he could find any new favorites. Unfortunately he wasn't very impressed with this month's findings. But then again I should've expected that. He's picky when it comes to workout supplements.

If you're interested in getting your hands on a box of health and wellness goodies, sign up here to start getting your very own Bulu Box delivered right to your door every month!

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  1. I got the weight loss box, too, but mine was a little different. I wish I'd gotten that Noxicare cream!

    1. I didn't know they send different variations of the box every month? I'm definitely content with this one. What'd you get instead of the cream?