Monday, June 23, 2014

Dog Beach Day!!

Yesterday was our monthly corgi club meetup and I was especially excited because we were going back to Dog Beach!! The last time we went we had so much fun

Macho usually rather play the part of dog park greeter and sniff dogs as they enter and exit the park instead of taking part in dog chases, but he's been getting better at socializing. It took him a while to get in the groove yesterday, but soon he was running around (sort of) with the rest of the corgis.

Notice someone is missing from the above picture. Pebbles is anti. She shied away from every dog and tried hiding between the nearest human's legs. Wuss.

Corgi butts drive me nuts
Macho used to be terrified of the water, and while it's still not his favorite thing in the world, he'll eventually man up and get in as long as there's no waves (so I guess he's still kinda a wuss too).
Testing Tasting the waters before jumping in
Pretending to swim. On all four legs.
We were hoping that Pebbles would be like a normal corgi and splash around in the water. Unfortunately, she's more scared of it than Fatboy was. She chose to watch the other dogs have fun from afar. Again I say, wuss.

You could tell she wanted to jump in but was just way too scared. So C helped her out by holding her above the water. I wish I had taken a video of her doggy paddling two feet before she even touched the water.

It's so c-c-cold!
After a whole 0.5 second of her legs being submerged we lifted her up and she ran far, far away. She ran all the way to the parking lot and preferred to hide behind a pitbull for protection. Then when the pitbull tried befriending her of course she freaked out again. Skittish little thing.

Meanwhile, the other corgis were having a blast.

When it was time to pack up Pebbles was SO happy to leave but Macho wanted to go back in the water. Maybe he's finally over his fear? Can't wait till the next time we get to beach it!


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  1. Oh so cute and fun! Lucky dogs! Ruckus loves the Eiffel Tower. No puncture holes yet!