Friday, June 13, 2014

Influenster VoxBox Review - VowVoxBox

I LOVE getting Influenster VoxBoxes because they always send awesome (full-sized!) products to try out. They're usually affordable brands that you can find in the local drugstore, and I've discovered quite a few favorites from VoxBoxes that I wouldn't have tried otherwise.

If you haven't heard of Influenster before...
Influenster is an online word-of-mouth type of review community where you review products and complete surveys to increase your Impact score. The higher your score, the greater your chances of receiving a free VoxBox containing several full-sized items for review.

This one is called VowVoxBox and is targeted toward people planning on tying the knot. Here's the first look. This box is full (and neatly packed, too)!

I took five full-sized items out of that little box. How did they all fit in there?! 

EcoTools Pure Complexion Sponge (Value: $5.99)

Mindblown. I don't think I've ever been so amused by a face product before. And this was before I even used it! This sponge is made from the root of the Japanese Konjac plant, or Konnyaku. Wait, back up. I thought konnyaku was for eating?? I guess if it's good enough to eat then it's good enough for my face... When I pulled the sponge out of the box it felt like those rigid styrofoam balls you find in the hobby store. Then comes the mindblowing part. When I ran it underwater I watched it transform into a sponge. But not just a typical wipe-your-countertop kind of sponge; this was a soft, bouncy, jiggly pouf of pure awesomeness. Easily the highlight of my day. Seriously.

I really wish I took a video of the spectacle that is the EcoTools Konjac sponge
Okay now for the actual application. It's supposed to exfoliate your skin yet be gentle enough for daily use. I'm not sure if I'm using it right, but my usually super duper foamy face wash suddenly turned nonexistent when I used the sponge to massage it in so there was really nothing to rinse off my face afterwards. Hmmm...

Tide to Go Pen (Value: $2.67)

I've seen these all around but never picked one up. If I squirt ketchup on my shirt during lunch break I just cover it up with a hoodie or play it off like I had a hardcore nosebleed and the stain is my battle scar. Cause I am that fun person at work. Glad to have one, though. Now I can clean C's clothes because he never fails to wear white shirts when we go out to eat spaghetti. I suppose this will also come in handy if I choose to eat spaghetti on my wedding day and get some sauce on my white dress?

Olay Regenerist Luminous Tone Perfecting Cream (Value: $30.99)

The packaging of this moisturizer makes me want to finally incorporate a moisturizer into my daily routine. I know it's one of those don't-ever-skip-it type of things, but I hate those five minutes of sticky face while you're waiting for it to fully absorb into your skin. That and I could never convince myself to pay $30 for 50g of product. But this jar is so so soo pretty that I want to use it everyday just so I can look at it. It also smells nice too. It did give me sticky face, though. And it left my hands feeling sticky as well. But, pretty!

Pure Silk Moisturizing Shave Cream - Raspberry Mist (Value: $1.49)

I've never heard of this brand of shaving cream so I was excited to see how this would fare against the others. For the past -- whoa, over 15 years? -- I've used shave gel so I totally forgot how a cream felt like. It comes out looking like mousse but thins out when lathered onto the skin. Although I wasn't a huge fan of the consistency I did get a close shave out of it. And for $1.49 a can I'm game! The fruity scent is nice, too.

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Nail Polish - in Barracuda (Value: $7.99)

Sally Hansen is one of those brands I always end up buying because the polishes are so affordable. It's not the best consistency polish out there, but it works good enough for me. I love anything blue, and in fact I already own a suuuper similar color, but this one is a teensy bit more pastel and that's reason enough for me to keep both! Now I'm just looking for a powder blue polish and I'll be one happy camper :) Seeing as how this is the pastel blue that pretty much every girl wants to use as part of her wedding colors, maybe this can be my something blue?

Riley & Grey Wedding Website

Also included in the box was a coupon code for 50% off creating a Riley & Grey wedding website. I haven't checked out the site yet, but I'm not so sure I'll be using this. Unless their wedding sites are crazy-spectacular, there are some places that let you set up a website for free.

Wowzers. This box had a total value of $49.13! (Not counting the Riley & Grey coupon) The intention of the VowVoxBox is to pamper yourself before the big day, but I think these items were appropriate for anyone who happened to get the box, bride or not. I'm super glad I got every single thing in here, and I know I'll be using all the products. I'm sure they'll be long gone by the time the wedding rolls around, but getting the VowVoxBox did make me feel super excited to be engaged! (Shh...don't tell C I said that!)

If you want in on getting full-sized affordable products for free, let me know and I'll send you an invite! It's that simple! And it's totally FREE!

Note: I received these items complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions are my own. 


  1. What a cute nail polish! I think Sally Hansen is an oke brand and their colors are amazing!! also that Konjac pouf thing, I really need to get my hands on one of those :D I heard so many great things about them. also that you only need water and then you'll get a baby face (super soft!)

    1. Yeah, Sally Hansen does have quite the variety of colors, plus you can find it everywhere! I still don't know if I'm using that sponge correctly. It says to mix it with cleanser & water but I still only feel the water when I use it. Maybe I have to read up more on it...

  2. I can't wait till I get mine!! Now I'm really excited for the sponge thing :D I wonder if the polish colors are the same... I love Olay products, too, so I'm dying to try it!

    1. Yes! Then you can tell me how to use it! It's like it just absorbs all your cleanser and you're just left with water to clean your face. The Olay is tied with the sponge for my fun-nest item! I thought the scent was gonna be too much but it's kinda growing on me.

    2. I got my box! I'm a little overwhelmed with stuff right now but I did try the Sally Hansen Polish. Actually, I took it to the salon and made the lady do it :D The brush is really weird and two coats isn't quite enough. It still looks streaky. I think maybe its the color but it could be the polish itself...

    3. Yeah I thought the brush was unusually thick. It was a bit streaky for me too, but I covered all the yucky parts with dots using the Julep creativity kit :)