Saturday, June 7, 2014

Infused Oil & Scrub & Soak, Oh My!

Earlier this week I posted about my May Homegrown Collective box. I decided to make infused olive oil and the foot soak/scrub.

Have you ever gone to restaurants and seen bottles of oil on the shelves with really random herbs (I think I even saw fruits too) in them? I finally learned how to be like them thanks to Homegrown Collective, who gave me a nice infusion starter kit. I originally wanted to make rosemary lemon infused oil because that sounded fun, but since I'll most likely be using it for bread as a side when I make pasta I went with basil lemon oil (I love basil with my pasta). I decided to go with the cold method because anything involving me with a stove and/or double boiler (as in the hot method) is asking for trouble. It was actually very easy to do.

First I filled a jar halfway with my herbs of choice. Basil, lemon, and a chili pepper for a little kick. Normally I don't sniff my herbs like a madwoman, but the lemon smelled soo good. I couldn't stop sniffing it! I was tempted to just eat the whole bag by itself.

Then I filled up the rest of the jar with the extra virgin olive oil they provided. I'm not sure if I was supposed to take it literally when they said  to "top off the jar" with oil but I did anyway to minimize oxygen in the jar. Then I pushed around the herbs to get rid of any air bubbles as instructed.

The chili pepper must've been filled with air because I couldn't get it to stay down. I hope it'll still impart a little spice to the oil. In hindsight I should've cut it in half before throwing it in there.

See? Floating pepper.
Then I found a nice place for it on the windowsill. It's super hot year round in the area I live, but for some reason all my windows don't get much sunlight. Now I have to wait 1-3 weeks before I get to taste the fruits of my (not-so-much) labor.

The box also included instructions for an herbal foot soak and scrub. First I prepared the scrub by combining one part olive oil to three parts sea salt and set it aside.

Olive oil-sea salt scrub

Next I boiled rosemary and lemon and dissolved some sea salt for the soak. It doesn't say how much water to use, but as long as you have enough to cover your feet you're okay.

Ready to begin my feet pampering session!
When the soak was warm to the touch I transferred it to another bowl. Word of caution: this soak is messy! I recommend straining the herbs out before dipping your feet in. I got rosemary EVERYWHERE! Also be sure you have a container big enough to fit your foot. This was the biggest non-food container I had lying around and as you can see it barely fit half my foot. This quickly turned into a hand & foot soak so that it didn't go to waste.

Sorry for the ugly foot in the picture

After 15 minutes of soaking (or less because C was "paitiently" waiting for me to start preparing the dinner I said I'd make half an hour earlier), I followed up with the pumice stone and then the scrub. The scrub made the whole bathtub super oily so I ended up scrubbing down the tub afterward.

As you can see, what started off as relaxing quickly turned into anything but, but now I know what to do differently if I ever decide to pamper my feetsies again.

Did you ever make your own foot soak? I want to try with lavender next, but my lavender plant died so I'll have to keep my eye out for some. :( Any other suggestions of what to use in it?

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  1. Ooh! I also was thinking the lemon smelled good enough to eat! I should check my bottle since it said to turn it every once in awhile. I can't wait to taste it! I'm glad you did the foot soak first so now I know to strain out the rosemary first. I did the vinegar, too, in a different jar with rosemary. I actually can't believe how easy it is. I'm going to try one with garlic next!