Sunday, June 1, 2014

Pebbles' First Friend

Today was our monthly corgi meet up -- and Pebbles' first time at a dog park. Ever since we got her, she's encountered three dogs other than Macho and each time she cried and came running to mommy as soon as they sniffed her. The solution? Throw her in a dog park full of bigger dogs.

She had no idea what she was in for. We saw a couple of new faces there too. Macho was the first to leave his litter as a puppy and he cried and puppy howled the whole way home. I felt so bad that I almost wanted to return him for a couple weeks so he could be happy with his brothers and sisters for a little while longer. But that didn't happen and he never saw his parents or siblings since. Fast forward 2 1/2 years to today. We met a PupDad whose corgi turned out to be Macho's actual brother. I'd hoped they'd remember each other, but Furball just sniffed his butt like any other dog and continued on his merry way. What a snob.

I must really suck at photography if this is the best brother shot I could get
Pebbles got her first taste of dog park shenanigans when all the other corgis took turns sniffing her butt. When she got the hang of it the dogs decided she was ready for the next phase of initiation and four of them started chasing her. And what sibling game of tag isn't complete without big brother tackling little sister? I wish I caught it on video, but this action shot will do.

Then along came a new friend. Most corgis have smooth fur, so when a fluffy wandered into the park he suddenly became the center of attention for both the humans and the dogs.

Derpin' with the Fluff

Turns out Fluffy is the same age as Pebbles and they became instant buddies. They played for a solid half hour with no break. Here's a recap: 
Hi there. What's your name? Wanna be friends?
You're fun.

But this is not fun. (They actually got stuck like this for a while)

Macho: They're sooo weird
It was a long day and a peaceful ride back home. Pebbles usually prefers to get motion sickness and throw up during car rides, but she fell asleep for the first time ever. Looks like the humans won this time. This is the most angelic she'll ever look.

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