Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stuff Pebbles Chews: Part 1

Pebbles loves stuffed animals. Actually she likes everything. This includes puddles and twigs and getting busted. 

Here are some things she destroyed in the past three months. The cigar, deer, and monkey might look familiar from the February and April Barkboxes and April HappyDogBox.

That picture was actually taken after prettying some of them up. For some reason the heads on everything were turned inside-out. She downright destroyed the blue lion's head. And the bee is a couple legs and a wing short of being an insect.

For comparison purposes here's what some of those are supposed to look like:

Do you have a dog who likes to destroy toys? Do they still try to destuff them even after there's no stuffing left?

Look mom, clouds!


  1. That was all Pebbles?! Good for her! She was probably thinking "YAH, KILLITKILLITKILLIT!! YAAAAH!!!" She loved it! Yes, my dogs take all the stuffing out (especially squeakers). Then sometimes they stick their noses in the empty body through the hole they made and make snuffle noises. And once the stuffing is out it can become a "baby" for one of my dogs. He likes to take an empty husk into his crate when he naps. I don't even know why he does that... Have you tried filling a Kong with peanut butter and then freezing it? Best thing ever!

    1. Yes it was all her!! Must be the puppy teeth. Awww I wish they would cuddle with the destuffed animals too. That's so cute! Pebbles just kind of pushes it to one side of her crate and then sleeps on the other side. And for some reason they prefer to sleep on the hard plastic tray. Macho will actually push his bed to one side of the crate every night and squeeze in next to it and use it as a pillow. Weirdos.

    2. I never thought of freezing the peanut butter! I will definitely try that. Thanks!