Friday, June 20, 2014

Total Beauty Ultimate Sampler Collection Review

Last week I heard about Total Beauty's Ultimate Sampler Collection and I just had to buy one. It's still on sale here and boasts an $80 value for just $17 with free shipping, even to AK & HI! (I used a 15SAVE promo code to get 15% off, making it $14.45, but I don't think it's valid anymore) Included are nine full-sized and deluxe sample sized beauty favorites from past Collections. Since I hadn't purchased a Total Beauty Collection before I wasn't too worried about receiving duplicates of stuff. The items were revealed before purchasing so I knew it'd come with a full-size Pur-lisse Pur-Moist moisturizer. I heard lots of good things about this bad boy so even if everything else turned out to be duds I'd still be happy.

Total Beauty Ultimate Sampler Collection


Pur-lisee Pur-Moist Moisturizer (1.7oz full size value: $55.00) - As I just mentioned, I've heard great things about this moisturizer. I love that it's unscented and doesn't leave my face sticky afterward.

Juara Candlenut Body Creme (0.17oz sample value: $0.79) - Candlenut oil is the star of this item, providing skin with loads of essential fatty acids. My skin doesn't normally get dry enough to need anything more than a simple lotion, so body cremes tend to be overkill for me. I'd pass this along to C, but he claims my samples smell too girly for a guy to use. Oh well, his loss.

Montagne Jeunesse Dead Sea Face Spa Mask (1 mask value: $1.72) - Montagne Jeunesse is a British company specializing in skincare. I first heard about them through Rebecca of Hello Pretty Bird and have been intrigued ever since. Supposedly you can buy them at Walmart but the ones in my area must have missed the memo. About this particular mask: It stinks. Literally. I'm not sure how to describe it....heavy musk? It uses Dead Sea salt and seaweed to soothe and rehydrate skin. I kind of suffered the 10 minutes I had it on, but it did leave my skin feeling really soft and smooth afterwards. I don't even wear masks but the variety and the packaging of Montagne Jeunesse's masks are so darn fun that I'm considering purchasing more. Just maybe not this particular one.

Cheesin' it, incognito style

The Honest Company Healing Balm (1oz travel size value: $4.32) - An organic balm containing organic oils and shea butter to moisturize skin, chamomile to soothe irritation, and beeswax to battle diaper rash. Works on eczema too. I guess this doesn't burn like other lotions?

NYX Color Lip Balm - in Merci (0.14oz full size value: $3.75?) - I think this might be a discontinued product? I can't find anything about it on NYX's website. This is a medium pink tinted lip balm that looks really pretty in pictures. I'd love to break it open and give it a try, but I already have so many lip balms open, and I'm currently using the Pixi Coral Crush one for when I want some color. I think I'll let it find a good home with someone who will actually use it sometime before the year ends.

Neutrogena Naturals Lip Balm (0.15oz full size value: $2.99) - All-natural lip balm that goes green all the way down to the recycled packaging. It's packed with Vitamin E, which soothes and protects skin against free-radicals (aka damage). Again, sounds lovely, but I have way too many lip balms at the moment.

ALFAPARF Semi di Lino Cristalli Liquidi Serum (0.5oz? sample value: $5.50?) - This is a hair serum that is supposed to add shine and softness with the help of linseed extract and vitamin E. I'm kind of picky with hair serums; I've only tried one that doesn't weight my hair down and make it feel greasy. I'm curious to see how this one compares.

NYX Roll On Shimmer - Blue (0.05oz full size value: $4.00) - Honestly, I've never tried shimmers because I'm not really into that stuff to begin with. I thought these things were subtle sparkles to give you a dewy look. But based on swatches I've seen, this one looks way too intense for my liking. I have a hard enough time just venturing into non-neutral eye shadows.

Tata Harper Floral Essence: The Power of Rose (0.1oz? sample value: $4.00?) - This limited-edition moisturizing toner mist hydrates skin with hyaluronic acid while the rose aroma calms emotions. A Triple Rose blend balances, refines, and protects by soothing and hydrating skin, as well as reducing redness and the appearance pores. Sounds fun. I'm not a crazy huge fan of rose scent though.

Fun collection! This assortment of beauty products had a value of around $80. I'm super happy that I got the full-sized Pur-lisse moisturizer. I love it because it doesn't leave my face a sticky mess. I think I'm also gonna try out a few more Montagne Jeunesse masks - there's so many of them! I'm not going to use everything in here, but I definitely found a few winners that totally made the box worth it.

Did you get a Total Beauty Sampler Ultimate Collection? Which was your favorite product?

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