Thursday, July 10, 2014

Barkbox is Having Pup Auditions!

Enter for a chance to star in BarkBox's TV commercial!

Hey all you Barkboxers! Most of you have probably already seen the first Barkbox commerical with the dog's talking butt, and now here's a chance for your very own dog to star in the next one! I thought this was so cute.

Basically you film your dog digging into July's Barkbox, upload the video to YouTube, and send the URL to with subject line "BarkBox Unboxing" by August 4th. Barkbox will then choose a winner from all the submissions.

I don't have a YouTube channel, but I'm considering making one just so I can enter this! My dogs don't do anything particularly fascinating when opening their boxes, but if anything at least others can share in the hilarity that will ensue.

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