Friday, July 25, 2014

Guess What My Dog Did?

So yesterday my dog decided it'd be fun to eat slug/snail pellets.

I have a small amount that I store up high in a Ziploc bag, but when I went outside to water my plants I found the ripped up bag and pellets were scattered all around.

Womp womp.

Only one of them is agile enough to actually jump and get all four feet off the ground. The other one is just fat. Guess which one?

Although half of the baggie itself is missing (i.e, devoured and digested), it seems like most of the pellets were still there. I hope my dog was dumb enough to be intrigued by the bag itself and forget about what was inside.

So far no signs of vomiting or twitching from either of them, and they were corgi fighting like normal:

Why yes, that is a sock in the background. The furbutts think stink socks are the bomb diggity.

*sigh* For once I really hope they were dumb.



  1. Well... dogs have pretty amazing and fast digestive systems so if it hasn't happened yet, they must be okay! I hope. Also, Pebbles is a scamp! She's gonna be trouble for the next two years at least :D

    1. Seriously! She's more rascal than Macho was as a puppy. Gotta keep my eye on that one. The other day she must've destuffed and eaten the stuffing from one of her stuffed animals while we were away, because when I got home she had clouds coming out her back end. Never a dull moment.