Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Julep Truth & Dare Mystery Box 2014 Review

I ordered this box the first week of July and it finally found its way here! I'm thinking about throwing a little celebration in honor of its epic adventures at sea - because there's just no other way to justify it taking 21 days to reach me. I used to get my Julep polishes within a week and now my last three orders took 2+ weeks each and have made me a sad panda.


You may (or may not, since it was a while ago) remember that Julep had July Truth & Dare mystery boxes for sale. Each box had one revealed item and the rest was a mystery. I opted for the box with the Kajal liner because it sounded fun and because I'm starting to like pencil-type eyeliners more than gel types. It's just so much easier to work with.

Kajal Glider & Sharpener (Value: $22.00/$17.60 Maven)

I didn't check exactly what I'd be getting so I thought it was just going to be black. I didn't know this was double sided. Score! According to Julep, one is carbon black and the other is brown shimmer. It's hard to see the shimmer even in real life so I'll just call this brown.

Kajal glider swatch: brown "shimmer", carbon black
The color just glides right on and blends well. But since it blends so easily it's not smudgeproof. You can probably remove the liner with water alone. Definitely not ideal for lining your waterline. And I already broke the tip just by doing the swatch so it's really soft, which probably explains why the color is so easy to apply. It also came with a sharpener that I almost threw away because it was hiding at the bottom of the eyeliner box. So I apologize for the ugly last minute shot. Yay! I do need a new sharpener.

Angled Liner Brush (Value: $18.00/$14.40 Maven)

This brush has synthetic bristles perfect for creams, gels, or liquids. It's also angled for easy application. I use angled brushes with my gel eyeliner, but this particular one isn't as precise as the cheap Sephora one I'm using. On the bright side, the handle is weighted for easy balance during application.

Eye Sheen Liquid Eyeshadow - Warm Fig Shimmer (Value: $18.00/$14.40 Maven)

This cream shadow comes in four colors, and I would've liked any of them over this one. I guess it's kind of pinky burgundy, but it's also kind of purple, and I can't pull off purple. I would've passed it off as a swap, but there's so little product in there that it looks half used :(

There was an eyeshadow goblin in the box
Since I decided to suck it up and purple up, here's a swatch. It's most definitely shimmery. My limited camera phone photog skills don't do the photo much justice, but it's (thankfully) mostly brown, and only purple/burgundy when the light hits it at certain angles. Well...most angles, really. Now that I caught a glimpse of it out of the corner of my eye it looks like a shiny bruise. Picture that. At least it blends nicely. But like the Kajal pencil, it washes off with just water. Also it kind of stinks; you can really smell the oils in there. Like Cray-Pas. Man I miss using those. They're like crayons on crack. Note to self: hit up the back to school sales this afternoon. While wearing my brown-turned-purple cream eyeshadow.

Julep Nail Polish (Value: $14.00 each/$11.20 Maven)

This was pretty much a pink polish box. I got three variations to add to my growing pink collection. I'm not complaining though, I love pink polishes even though I'm not normally a pink kind of person. I couldn't find any of these on the site, so please bear with my lame non-imaginative descriptions.

Venus (Bombshell) - pink and holographic glitter. This reminded me of Yumi, but pinker.
Lindy (It Girl) - bubblegum pink glitter bits. Kind of on the bright side, but I'm hoping it won't be as obvious layered over another polish.
Aphrodite (Classic With A Twist) - fuschia microglitter. So pretty. Now I wanna go and grow pink flowers so my garden can look as pretty as my nails.

I forgot I had also picked up a mystery add-on. Here's what I got:

Forget-Me-Not Seeds

Third time I'm getting these seeds. I'm still looking for someone to give my second packet. I planted like 15 of them and not a single one sprouted. Flower experts: do these need cooler temperatures to grow or something? It's 80-90 degrees year-round where I live so I'm starting to think I'm killing them before they can even get started.

Julep Nail Polish

Winona (Classic With A Twist) - buff greige creme. What's greige? Gray-beige? Like how I call blue-purple blurple? I honestly don't see anything buff or gray about it. Looks more like mocha to me. If C were here he'd call it brown. He has about 10 colors in his spectrum. I don't own any browns so I will be keeping this.
Lois (Boho Glam) - dusty rose frost. I actually got this in the Memorial Day mystery box. It's nice, but since I've never finished a bottle of polish, this will be given to someone who wants (needs?) it.
Mila (It Girl) - charcoal, multi-colored glitter. I have so many awesome, fun glitter polishes and this ones kind of...plain. I could definitely use it, but there are so many others in my collection that I'd rather use.

My favorite part of the mystery box was definitely the polishes. It did have the $100 value promised ($80 Maven), but I'm disappointed that the cream eyeshadow looked half empty. Not that I'll ever finish it, but if I had paid full price for it I would be more than a little upset. The Kajal glider isn't as durable and smudgeproof as I had hoped, and I'll probably end up with smeary racoon eyes and a broken pencil in the near future. The mystery add-on was kind of blah to me since I'll probably only be keeping one of the polishes. Good thing I used a code and got it for free!

I used code PERK1020 for this order, which gets you $10 off a purchase of $20If you want to receive brand new polishes every month, click here to become a Maven! Also, use FREEBOX to receive a free Welcome Box!


  1. Love all the polish colors you got!

    1. Thanks! I especially love the pinks that came in the mystery box. So summery!

  2. I like all your polishes, too, except for the greige. What a pukey color. You might be happy that your forget-me-nots didn't grow because as far as I know they're invasive :D Hard to get rid of once you've got them. Here anyway but probably not in Hawaii...

    1. Ahhh! Good to know! Well if they ever grow I'll be sure to keep them contained. The only things we got growing crazy here are nutgrass and dandelions!