Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Julep Truth & Dare Mystery Boxes Are On Sale!

Julep's Truth & Dare mystery boxes are out!

There are eight to boxes choose from, but the catch is that only one product is revealed from each box. Truth. The rest is a total mystery. Dare. 

Each box is going for $24.99 but promises a $100 value. Hmm, we'll see. Although the values aren't always what is promised, I have a strange attraction to the word "mystery" and I cannot stay away. So I ended up getting the Kajal Eye Glider box with a free $9.99 mystery add-on (Hint: Since the box costs $20+, using code PERK1020 can get you an add-on worth up to $10). 

Do you dare to get a Truth & Dare box?


  1. I resisted this time!! Hooray for me! Of course I still want to know what you end up with :D It's the "dare" part of Julep's mystery boxes that tend to bum me out :P

    1. I need more willpower! I was soo close to not getting one but the dare part drew me in! I can't resist the possibility that it might actually be good. No wonder I always do so bad in Vegas.