Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Birchbox Review - August 2014

You know it's gonna be a fun beauty sub box day when both Ipsy and Birchbox are waiting for you in your mailbox. Birchbox left the warehouse one day before Ipsy and took 18 days to get here, losing the shipping battle to Ipsy, but not by much. 

What: Birchbox contains 4-6 samples of high-end beauty and lifestyle products
When: Ships on the 10th of each month
Cost: $10/month or $110/year upfront
Fun fact: Birchbox has an awesome points system where you can review products or make purchases from the Birchbox shop to earn points. Every 100 points gets you $10 credit in the BB shop.

August's theme is Lighten Up. It's hot outside so Birchbox reminds us to lighten up in terms of beauty routines as well as our approach to life. I get lots of laughs on the daily so I don't think I'm in any dire need of changing my chuckle frequency. But as far as keeping cool, I could probably use a hand.

(click to enlarge)
Yes, ice cream is a great solution. We're already working on our 5th carton this summer. And there are only two of us in the house! Great but really not so great when I remember I still have to fit in my dress for the wedding. (insert happy-turned-frowny face) My first impression was, Wow, the theme of this box should've been pink. The tissue paper was even back to pink, albeit a lighter shade of pink.

Benefit Cosmetics Posiebalm (Sample Value: $1.80)

This is a poppy-pink tinted lip balm that contains mango butter to condition and hydrate your lips. It also has sodium hyaluronate for extra hydration. I know I say I have too many lip balms, and I do, but I must keep this one. Plus, LOOK AT THAT ADORABLE TUBE!! It's got flowers! It smells (and tastes) like roses which isn't my favorite, but I can deal. It is indeed very hydrating, and the pink tint is very subtle so I think I can get away with wearing this to work without everyone saying "Ohmygosh Sheri, are you wearing MAKEUP???" (Fyi, no one wears makeup around our office. Au naturel, yo.) Oh, and this is actually a pretty tiny size. It's twisted all the way up in that picture. Yup. It'll be gone in a couple of weeks. But at least it's enough to know whether I'll like it or not (I do!). This will go in my purse next to my other teensy Benefit Fake Up sample. Seriously. I think the packaging costs more than the sample itself.

Noir Cosmetics Long-wear Eyeliner (Full Size Value: $15.00)

I believe this is a full-size product. This pencil combines the ease of a pencil liner with the look of a liquid liner. Personally I think liquid liners are more crisp and precise, but this is still a good pencil. It glides smoothly and has a creamy texture. It's also waterproof and smudgeproof, but like most other pencils, if you rub your eyes a lot it will budge. I currently use a Julep gel eye glider and love how smudge resistant it is so I think I'll be passing this one along to someone else.

Harvey Prince Ageless Body Cream (Sample Value: $0.92)

It seems like Harvey Prince has made an appearance in every Birchbox for the past 6 months. So far I haven't been a huge fan of any any of the scents I've tried, but now I may have to check out Ageless. I love the grapefruit-mango-sandalwood combo. Performance-wise it's the same as any other mass market lotion, but it smells sooo gooooood.

Ojon rare blend oil Moisture Therapy (Sample Value: ~$1)

Well this is fun. I tried Ojon oils before and they left my hair kinda heavy and greasy. But look, this one's got layers! You ever did that experiment as a kid where you pour all the liquids of differing densities into a bottle and shake it up then let it separate into a rainbow? I was thrilled with that experiment and here it is again! Unlike your typical hair oil treatment or serum, you only need one drop of this blend of "oils from around the world" to hydrate, smooth, soften, boost shine, and de-frizz. I'd imagine you'd need a bit more than a drop to cover all your split ends (well mine anyway), but this little vial should be enough for multiple uses. And in case you were wondering what makes this oil so worldy, it's because it contains Ojon oil (Central America), monoi oil (Tahiti), ximenia oil (South Africa), and Mexican aloe vera.

Hello Breathspray - Pink Grapefruit Mint (Value: $3.83)

I haven't used a breathspray in years. I usually chew gum or, you know, brush my teeth. Or talk. You'd be amazed how much bad breath you can prevent just by talking throughout the day. Or at least just opening your mouth if you aren't feeling particularly chatty. These sprays are alcohol-free (yay, no burn!) and flavored. Pink grapefruit mint does sound enticing, but I've already got my Harvey Prince grapefruit body cream keeping me occupied and I don't want to be grapefruit-ed out. Since it's sugar-free, this spray relies on xylitol for flavor and to keep your teeth healthy. Just be sure to keep it away from your doggies if you have any!

Overall, I am very happy with what I received in my Birchbox because it's got a great mix of products - lips, eyes, body, hair, mouth... This box had a value of over $22 and are all things I use or would use. I won't be keeping everything, but that's only because I already have something similar and has nothing to do with the product itself. I did think the August Birchbox and August Ipsy both had a nice curation, but if I had to pick a winner for August I'd choose Birchbox because I'll be getting more use out of the items.

Did you get a Birchbox this month? What kind of stuff did you get? If you'd like to sign up for a Birchbox, use my link and start discovering some awesome beauty products at the click of a mouse! They've also got some lifestyle and foodstuff too, so have a look around their shop - it's got (almost) everything!

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  1. This is an amazing Birchbox!! I totally hope I get that Grapefruit breath spray at some point in my Birchbox life. And the Posie Balm.

    1. I am LOVING the Posiebalm! And I don't even like rose-scented stuff so that's saying a lot. If I didn't already have so many lip balms I would def buy it in a full size.

  2. Oooh, layers. I think I like your box more than I liked mine this month. And I find myself recently using breath spray again since Memebox sent some in the "Smile Care" box, haha.

    1. I think this might be top 3 on my list of favorite Birchboxes. I'm finding they're kinda few and far between, but the good ones make up for all the duds! I seriously think this is the friendliest breath spray ever. And the cheery pink just makes it friendlier! Maybe this will be one more thing I add to my purse of wonders?