Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Bulu Box Unboxing #1 - August 2014

I gifted myself a 3-month subscription to Bulu Box (that's right, no shame here) and thought my boxes have been pretty 2-D and foil packety. That is, until this month. How convenient that they wait till my last month to send a box with a good mix of shapes and sizes.

What: Bulu Box is a health, wellness, and (optional) weight loss subscription containing 4-5 premium samples. Two box curations: Regular and Weight Loss. This review is for the Weight Loss box.
When: Ships monthly on the 15th
Cost: $10/month (free shipping)
Extra tidbits: Earn points for purchasing Bulu Boxes/items in the shop, reviewing box items, and referring friends. Every 10 points counts as $1 credit in the Bulu Box shop

Also, how convenient that I forgot to snap a photo of the info card. Actually I don't even know where I put it. I'm crazy organized like that. I usually take a pic of it first thing and use it to read off the names of the items as I'm typing so I don't have to actually turn my body to see the real thing in real life. And you thought you were lazy. But Bulu Box is supposed to be helping me with this ongoing issue, right?

FUEL...For Life - in Chocolate (Single serving value: $3.79) - At first I thought this was a protein supplement*. However, this is not a protein powder per se. It contains 10g protein, but it's also got 21 vitamins and minerals, 19 amino acids, and omegas 3 & 6 (and fat too!). I might actually be interested in this if it weren't so darn expensive. *sigh* Why can't I just win the lottery? Oh that's right, there's no lottery in these parts. In that case, I'd settle for winning the Megabucks in Vegas.

Speaking of protein, I ending up loving the BSN Syntha-6 protein I got in last month's box so much that I wrote to them expressing my excitement and they sent me a few more packets to try! Never tried a protein that tasted so yummy. I was just about to pick up a huge container when C reminded me that protein shakes make you gain weight, which is why he stops taking it during cycling season. What a downer, dude! Sure enough, the powder was loaded with fat so I removed it from my cart and I'm actually kinda sad right now. But I digress.

Forgiven Alcohol Metabolizer - Mixed Berry (Single serving value: $3.00) - Alcohol metabolizer, anyone? Don't knock it till you try it. That's what I learned anyway. Last month I received a hangover prevention pill and thought it was the dumbest thing in the world when I could simply [a] drink in moderation with lots of water in between, or [b] take a couple of Advil (vitamin B-complex works too) with several full glasses of water before going to bed. But hanging out with friends does this weird thing to you where water becomes boring and you feel like one more drink won't do anything, and before you know it you're calling up your fiance to come pick you up because you KNOW you'll be that idiot trying to hide behind your seatbelt when the cop stops you at the DUI road block. So I took the pills that night and THAT SH*T WORKS! This metabolizer shot is loaded with the vitamin B gamut (same as remedy [b] above but tasty) and organic acids and nutrients to speed up the metabolism of alcohol. I don't foresee a girl's night out in the near future, but I'll save this for then.

Dream Water - Nighttime Nectar (Single serving value: $3.25) - What's the opposite of 5-hour Energy? Dream Water. You take a shot then you pass out. This 0-calorie shot is packed with GABA, melatonin, and HTP-5 to relax your mind and induce the natural sleep cycle. I can't find this exact flavor on the website so it must be new.

EBOOST Natural Energy Shot - Berry Melon (Single serving value: $4.50) - The total opposite of Dream Water. This shot gives you energy with a HUGE dose of vitamin B12 (2000mcg!) and 150mg of caffeine. Whoa. I think I would be up for days if I took one of these; Dream Water's got nothing on this level of energy. Eboost contains green tea extract and green coffee along with...aloe? I knew aloe is good for your skin (and bee stings!), but energy? Am I the only one who didn't know this? I thought aloe is supposed to be soothing. Anyway, I'm not sure if I'm ready for this level of energy since just one cup of coffee will make me jittery for the whole day.

Simple Being Simple Diet (Sample value: $1.33) - This is a diet pill that contains four main ingredients for weight loss: green coffee bean and resveratrol for energy, african mango for appetite suppression, and antioxidant-packed acai. This pill has a lot more natural ingredients than some others I've seen around, but I think I want to do more research on the ingredients before deciding whether to purchase this or not. I will try the samples though.

Zestra Essential Arousal Oils (Sample value: $3.33) - Okay #1, I won't pay $10 for 3 packets of arousal oil; and #2, I think the concept of arousal oils are rather silly. This oil "enables women to feel deep pleasurable sensations effortlessly," a phenomenon is known as the "Zestra Rush." Haha. Apparently this oil is clinically proven (two separate trials!) to increase arousal and desire in women. I wonder how those questionnaires looked, and how much recall bias occurred because, you know, everyone remembers EVERY SINGLE THING when doing the wild monkey dance.

There were also some coupons and codes for fitness & fitness gear sites. I'd mention what the codes were and which sites they're good for, but honestly I didn't even look at them myself, and they're lost along with the info card somewhere.

I paid $5 for this box (I found an affiliate code online) and received over $19 worth of product I've never seen before! Overall I think Bulu Box did a much better job with the curation of this box than previous ones. I'll probably try everything except for the Zestra. I actually think I got the wrong box this month. The box on my profile for review is way different from the one I received. The only item they have in common is the Zestra. Hah. Go figure.

Are you a Bulugan? Did you also think that they did a better job on this box than the past couple months'? If you want a Bulu Box, sign up now to start discovering supplements to help you live an active, healthy lifestyle!

Note: Post contains referral links. I was not compensated in any way for this honest review.


  1. I still need to put up my review but I also got that arousal oil! And I was like wtf does this have to do with weight loss?! (no pun intended :P). Unless theyre considering it exercise... Still. Weird. Also, I second your results for last months pills!

    1. I also lol'd at how it said "effortlessly." Because the payoff is definitely not worth putting in any hard work. Haha. Those pills were magical! Is it horrible that I'm kinda looking forward to the next time I go out for a night on the town not so I can have fun with friends, but just so I can try this afterward?

  2. LOL at "arousal oils". I got Bulu Box for a few months and some of the samples were really interesting, but they have a knack for throwing "WTF" things in now and then, haha. This box seems pretty good overall though! Especially the Dream Water. I have chronic sleep problems and a healthy dose of melatonin is one of the few things that can keep me asleep.

    1. I think these WTF items are good for adding a bit of humor to my day. I'd put it up for trade but really, who's gonna request an arousal oil? That's just kinda weird and creepy. I'm looking forward to the Dream Water too! I don't really have problems falling asleep once I'm lying in bed, but I do want to get to bed earlier. Hopefully this would regulate my sleep cycle a bit.

    2. OMG AHAHAHAHA! If you put that up for trade.... *wipes tears* I'm totally trying the Dream Water. I take GABA and 5-HTP already but I'll add this in. A good night's sleep is a glorious thing :)