Thursday, August 7, 2014

Double Trouble, You Say?

Hurricanes Iselle and Julio....oh-oh
So apparently there's these two hurricanes that are like those annoying younger siblings who won't go away. Despite desperate attempts at telling them "Shoo!" they insist on greeting us with open arms. I doubt this will be anywhere near the magnitude of Katrina or Sandy, but it'll still be rather stormy till they pass. I'm all for being prepared and stuff (we've got a whole three gallons of water...yay!), but in my opinion some folks are a bit over prepared.
Some people get the full 8 glasses of water per day.
Image credit: Kiley Perreira (at Costco)
The rule of thumb is to store enough water for one week, but unless this is for a family of 10, I think leaving some cases for others would've been a nice gesture. So of course, by the time I got off work and headed to the store the other day, this is what was left:

Image credit: Dawnalyne Kawaihinano (Walmart), Royce Tanouye (Safeway)
Cleaned. Out.

I guess filling up jugs with plain ol' tap water will have to suffice. I har har'd when I walked in the store(s) because the emergency items were brought out front - coolers, cup o' noodles, (invisible) water, flashlights - and then there was beer. Cases and cases of beer. And bags of rice. The necessities. Unfortunately, I don't own a generator so the rice would be useless, but the beer...

Also, the area shipping port is closing up shop today and no ships will be allowed to dock, so that means the sub boxes I'm expecting will continue to float somewhere in the vast Pacific until further notice. :( I'm not gonna lie, I'm kinda bummed. #firstworldproblems

Okay I'm gonna go make my hurricane checklist now (something I should've done a while ago), so ciao! And all you HI peeps, stay safe!


  1. That Costco water picture better be for an emergency shelter or else someone reaaally doesn't care about allowing other people to have something to drink in a time of crisis. >.< Is this something you been through before? You seem pretty chill about it. Well, except for the part about your sub boxes probably ending up on the bottom of the ocean. Yeah, that would suck. :P

    1. The last time a hurricane hit was 20 years ago, but there's a close one every several years or so. I try not to get too stressed and worried about it. So far it hasn't been extremely destructive or anything, plus I got to stay home from work today :) And one of my boxes arrived :)