Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Memebox Deals!

I swear, Memebox has SO many deals and discounts going on all the time. There's always something new popping up.

Reward points per box vary. Be sure it says "(Ref Deal)" next to the name of the box to get the points. The newest boxes with rewards points are Whole Grain 2 (2 points) and Anti-aging 3 (5 points).


Also, save up to 78% on select brands off until August 19th!

And don't forget, free shipping on USA Exclusives! Memebox recently opened a warehouse in San Francisco so brands like Aromatica, It's Skin, and LJH will ship directly from US and arrive within a week!

There are also a bunch of coupon codes floating around. Here's a few:

USE MY AFFILIATE LINK for $5 off orders over $100 (exp. 8/30)
USE MY AFFILIATE LINK for $10 off orders over $150 (exp. 8/30)
MEMEBUNDLE3 - $5 off when you buy 3+ Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4 - $8 off when you buy 4+ Memeboxes

Last but definitely not least, Memebox has released a couple of new boxes:


Whew. That's a lot of deals. Which Memebox are you eyeing? I'm kinda interested in the Yogurt Cosmetics, but I already have so many face products from other subscription boxes that I just cannot get through them quick enough. Plus I'm guessing if these products contain yogurt maybe it won't have a very long shelf life? So maybe it's best to let this one pass. We'll see. Lately my power of restraint has been non-existent so who knows, maybe I'll have a full cart by the end of the day...

Note: Post contains referral links.

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