Thursday, August 14, 2014

PetBox Deals! - Get 3 Months for the Price of One + Get A FREE PetBox!!

PetBox has a great deal going on right now: you can get THREE months of the Snack Plan for the price of ONE!

I took advantage of this and I'm actually kind of confused right now. The discount was applied, but it says I'm only paying for a one month subscription?

Any current PetBox subscribers know if you're only charged one month at a time for multi-month plans? Oh well, it's still a steal. Offer ends 8/17.

Okay, I think I figured this out. You can click the link (or banner) above to get the above screenshot discount. OR just sign up/log in like normal and select the 3-Month Snack plan. The discount should be automatically applied and you should have a balance of $8.95 for "Snack PetBox-3 Months." I'm guessing this is the upfront charge for all 3 months?

OH AND! I was playing around their site/Facebook and discovered that if you enter to win six months of the PetBox Deluxe Plan sweepstakes on the PetBox Facebook page and share it on social media, a screen pops up that says you can use the code SNACK to get 3 months of the Snack Plan for the price of one (same as the current special). BUT I applied it to the above deal and somehow it gave me a $6 discount on top of the current deal! I'm not sure if the code works without entering the sweepstakes...let me know!

Me thinks this means $2.95 for THREE MONTHS OF THE SNACK BOX! If it's too good to be true and I'm wrong please let me know so I know not to be uberly sad when I'm slapped with some weird Snack Box charge next month.

And while I'm at it, I might as well plug another PetBox special: 

PetBox has teamed up with to bring you a brand new limited edition PetBox! New customers can click here to get this FREE PetBox which will include 2-3 dog items (valued at $15.99). But keep in mind you'll have to pay $7.99 for shipping. Note this is a one-time box, not a recurring subscription. 

This box is intended to give new subscribers a taste of what PetBox is all about, but actually I think the special might work for existing customers as well if you really want one. I redeemed the offer and I'm so excited to see what's in it! Grab one before they run out!

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  1. Okay, so I did this deal, too. Awhile back. And I *think* what it does is it takes the price of one month, splits it up, and then charges you that much the next two months, too. Does that make sense? I should go check and see if they charged me for my second month yet.

    1. So I guess I have no idea. LOL! I can't even find a record of them charging me at all.

    2. Ooh maybe they misplaced your billing info and your sub will be free!! :) Charging one month at a time certainly is nicer on the wallet! I actually ended up picking up two sub plans (each screenshot) - I hope that second one isn't gonna be full price next month! Those dogs are so spoiled...