Monday, August 25, 2014

PetBox + iHeartRadio Collaboration Box Review

A couple of weeks ago I took advantage of a PetBox offer to get a free PetBox/iHeartRadio box. I think it's still available, so go and order one if you haven't yet! But you do have to pay shipping ($7.99), so I guess it's not very "free" after all. It shipped out on the 21st and arrived just two days later. Love it when my doggy boxes get here quickly; I think I get more excited about them than my dogs do!

This box promised 2-3 items with a $15.99 retail value so I was expecting some pretty high valued stuff in it. The box didn't come with an info card, but it didn't really matter since everything was pretty self-explanatory anyway.

100% Natural Water Buffalo Ear (Value: $1.99)

Macho likes rawhides and stuff, but he LOVED this. If you look closely you can see I jumped the gun and snipped off the label and gave it to him for a while before remembering to take the pic. Anything to get him to stop bugging me. That's how much he wanted this thing. Not really sure what made this so different from other chews he's had, but he was literally trembling with anticipation. He never looked so pathetic earning his treats. Poor excited guy. My little meerkat.

And he's not the only one. It must be a sibling thing. Meerkat wannabes ftw.

So while Pebbles was preoccupied with shredding her stuffed animals, Macho scarfed down the ear. Fast. It was gone in less than 10 minutes. A 6" ear! I've never seen him finish a chew that large so quickly.

Evanger's Chicken w/ Sweet Potato & Pumpkin Dog Food (Sample Value: $0.57)

About a year ago we switched to dog food that doesn't have corn as a first ingredient so that our dog can eat healthier than us. This one's grain-free (no corn or wheat) and has de-boned chicken at the top of the list. So far I'm liking what I see! I figured I'd give this to Pebbles since she's kinda tiny and these are tiny kibbles.

Pebbles is a scarfer. She eats dinner in under ten seconds. I'd like to get her a slo-bowl but they're kinda huge and she'd just think the maze walls are a playground for her to stick her feet in. Anyway, I thought she'd inhale these kibbles since they're teeny tiny, but she took a while to eat it. And Macho was all confused because he never finishes his food before Pebbles. He looked at me expecting more food because he thought something was totally wrong with the picture. Not sure why she took so long. Couldn't be the taste because they normally eat chicken & sweet potato kibble. Maybe the pumpkin threw her off since she's never had that before.

There was also a manufacturer's coupon for $3 off a bag of Evanger's dry dog food. I haven't seen any store carrying this brand around here (but honestly I haven't been looking), but I'll keep an eye out. I do like that real meat is the first ingredient in their foods.

Sadie's Sweet Potato Chips (Sample Value: $1.20)

Wow, these are some expensive chips! These chips are made of 100% sweet potato, nothing else. I don't know if I'd pay that much for something I can try making on my own, but the dogs do love it. Normally (ha, I say it as if it's something everyone does) I'd take a bite if it's made entirely of human-grade ingredients, you know, for QC reasons. But at $0.40 a pop I couldn't bear to take any away from the puppies so I have no idea how these taste. Well I'd imagine like sweet potato. Duh. Pebbles hasn't perfected patience for treats yet so here's more Macho humiliation for you:

Loving Pets It's Purely Natural Chicken Jerky Bone-Shaped Treats (Value: $7.99)

We got the beef jerky bars from this brand in August's PetBox Snack box, but these are from a different animal so I won't call it a repeat although the packaging does look very similar. I haven't given this to the furbutts yet but I have no doubt that they'll love it. Meat treats don't last very long around my carnivorous meerkats.

This "free" box had an $11.75 value, not quite what was promised, but my dogs still had a blast. At least it was worth the $7.99 shipping. I just wish they included something other than food in the box, like a toy or a grooming product because personally, I think a limited edition box should showcase what the company has to offer. I guess a chew technically isn't food, but my dog still eats it so... I also feel like for a box sponsored by iHeartRadio, they didn't make it known that they had a part in this at all. No cards, plugs, nothing. If it weren't for the packing slip I would've thought it was a regular PetBox. This was a one-time box, but I'm signed up for the 3-month plan of the snack box so I'm excited to see what we'll get next month!

If you want to get a PetBox, please use my link to make your dog one happy camper!

Note: Post contains affiliate links. I paid for this limited edition box and was not compensated for this honest review.


  1. I LOVE Macho's face in these! He's so miserable waiting lol

    1. He does look pretty miserable, doesn't he? Haha *sigh* He's such a drama queen.