Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Bulu Box Unboxing #2 - August 2014

You might recall that I received the wrong August Bulu Box, as what I got didn't match what showed up in my account (except for that Zestra sample). Overall I thought it was a pretty good box, but I reached out to customer service about getting the wrong one and they said they'd send over the correct one. They don't send tracking info and it arrived on my birthday last week so it was a nice birthday surprise :)

What: Bulu Box is a health, wellness, and (optional) weight loss subscription box containing 4-5 premium samples. Two box curations: Regular and Weight Loss. This review is for the Weight Loss box. (UPDATE: Turns out somehow my sub got switched, so this is for the Regular box)
When: Ships monthly on the 15th
Cost: $10/month (free shipping)
Extra tidbits: Earn points for purchasing Bulu Boxes/items in the shop, reviewing box items, and referring friends. Every 10 points counts as $1 credit in the Bulu Box shop

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Arctic Ease Instant Cold Wrap (Sample value: $5.00) - If you've ever had a sprain and struggled with keeping a bag of ice (or frozen vegetables) from slipping off your shoulder/knee/anywhere, this is a godsend. It's like ice but in wrap form! I wish this existed during high school wrestling when I was getting injured left and right. I also like that there's an Ironman stamp on there. We would've saved SO much ice had I known about this during C's Ironman training. And while we're on the subject - friendly plug for Ironman World Championships on October 11 in Kona, HI! Woot woot. The description says it's reusable but the back says "single use sample only." Hmm... I think I'm gonna go with reusable.

Natural Dynamix Deep Sleep Gummies (Single serving value: $0.83) - Melatonin gummies! I'm not really sure what this will taste like. It looks like cherry but the ingredients say the red color is from black carrot juice concentrate. Each serving (2 gummies) has 5mg of melatonin to regulate your sleeping cycle. I guess it's kinda like the Dream Water I got in my first August box.

Top Secret Ab Igniter (Single serving value: $0.89) - This pill targets visceral and subcutaneous body fat (where the jiggle comes from) and contains Garcinia Cambogia extract, the weight-loss plant extract that suppresses appetite and supposedly results in weight loss. It uses thermogenesis from calorie burning to aid in fat burning. I'm not entirely sure I believe in the whole heat-to-shred-lbs hype. If you've tried it and it works, please let me know that it's possible!

Volo Vitamins Energy Sticks (2 sticks value: $2.00) - Nothing like 600mg of Vitamin C and 2500mcg of Vitamin B12 to start off my day! I'm drinking this as I type and I must say I'm impressed with the flavor. I thought it'd taste like TheraFlu or something bitter with a hint of fake citrus. But nope, this is actually citrus flavored with a touch of sweet on the aftertaste (with 8oz of water, not 16oz). This powder mix is pretty much like a Vitamin C + B Complex to boost your immune system AND your energy level. There's also a 17-fruit blend for a nice fruity taste (but really, it tastes mostly citrus). Also a blend containing taurine, guarana, green tea, and ginseng extracts for even more energy. I'm glad I tried this before looking at the supplement facts because I probably would think it'd cause jitters and I'd be too scared to try it. I usually have a 2pm crash and I can't keep my eyes open. We'll see how today goes!

Kay's Naturals Tomato Basil Protein Puffs (Single bag value: $2.33) - Could it be? A protein supplement in yummy snack form? Two of these bags are roughly equivalent to the protein content in a protein shake. I'm sure no one would go and eat two bags of this post-workout (okay maybe I would because it tastes so ono), but it's a good way to get your daily requirement if you're not trying to build muscle. I got the tomato basil flavor and it's sooo goooood. One 110-calorie bag contains 12g of protein and no trans fat (gluten-free too). Perfect for a snack. Kinda pricey though. These puffs are also available in almond delight, mac & cheese, and veggie pizza. Mmm.....

Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone 1234 (Full size value: $59.95) - Holy dollar signs, Batman! I was supposed to get the Creative Bioscience 30 Day Diet instead of this bottle, but either one is cool with me, I guess. This is a whole month's supply of raspberry ketone! Raspberry ketone supplements became popular when Dr. Oz swore by it for weight loss. It isn't touted as an appetite suppressant, but instead it supposedly regulates metabolism. I'm usually skeptical on anything that messes with metabolism, so I'm pretty skeptical about raspberry ketone's fat-burning effects as I couldn't find any scientific evidence on it, but test tube research shows that it might increase levels of the fat-burning hormone adiponectin. Raspberry ketones are also thought to increase fat breakdown in cells...in test tubes. No studies have been published on its exclusive effect on humans (only in conjunction with other fat-burning substances like caffeine). Nonetheless, I've already opened the bottle so I'll try it out. This pill's also got some other stuff in it like acai, caffeine, green tea extract, and African mango extract. Research is very scant on raspberry ketone supplements, but as a food additive it's considered GRAS. I guess I'll be the voluntary guinea pig.
Creative Bioscience Raspberry Ketone 1234 serving

This box had a whopping $71 value thanks to the Raspberry Ketone supplements. Maybe Bulu Box heard our cries for a box that contained more than just freebie samples. My boxes were getting stale, but after this month's great boxes and my positive experience with their customer service I decided to give them another chance and renewed my 3-month subscription at half price along with the Women's Health magazine rebate, which brought the cost down to $2.33 per box. Yay for deals!

If you'd like to try Bulu Box, sign up now to start discovering supplements to help you live an active, healthy lifestyle! For a limited time you'll also receive a free 1-year subscription to Women's Health magazine with a $10 purchase (a new Bulu Box subscription counts!). 

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  1. Well, snap, if my next box turns out like this,I'll be pretty happy! At least raspberry ketones won't kill you so there no harm in taking them. I got the 30 day diet ones awhile back and I can tell you right now that they are an effective appetite suppressant. Did your vitamin drink keep you awake? I keep forgetting to try mine.

    1. It did! Not only did I not have my usual crash, but I was also wide awake throughout the whole 1.5 hours sitting in traffic going home. Then I did some weeding in my yard!