Monday, September 15, 2014

BzzAgent Campaign - My Monopoly

I embarked on a BzzAgent campaign a while back, and this campaign was like none other I've been on. But first, what's BzzAgent?

BzzAgent is a Word-of-Mouth marketing tool. Companies who want feedback on their new products reach out to BzzAgent, which in turn passes on those products (for free!) to you and me to test and review. You complete each BzzCampaign by fulfilling social media requirements via Facebook and Twitter to raise your BzzScore. The higher your score, the greater your chances of qualifying for more missions.

In the past BzzAgent has sent me products that I can form an opinion about within a day. Then they decided to send me a game. My Monopoly is the customizable form of the beloved family game. It arrived in a huge box and rather than taking the typical 40 days to get to me, the box reached me within a couple of weeks. 

Great! However, a few obstacles prevented me from reviewing this game right away:
#1 - Finding time to customize the game to my liking
#2 - Purchasing all new printer cartridges because my printer loves to run out of every color every single time I have photos I reeeally want to print
#3 - Finding a day/night (or day+night) when we have the time to play the uber long game


Included with the game were three manufacturer's coupons for $5 off a Monopoly game of $14.50 or more (expires 10/10/14). I wasn't able to find any takers for these coupons so if you want em, shoot me an email and I'll mail them to you!

The game itself looked a lot like the regular version, except it had some blank tiles and sticker sheets along with pockets on the board for the tiles. I'm sensing that the customization comes from printing your own pictures and sticking them onto the tiles so that you can name the boardwalk after your sister. Or pet tarantula.

My Monopoly is created such that you can choose the game's theme, whether it be a family vacation, wedding, etc. I chose my dogs+the 5 pictures C and I actually took together. The game comes with four blank sticker sheets - I'm guessing to account for printing errors - but seeing as how there are two sides to each blank tile you could technically print two sheets of pictures and make each tile double-sided for more variety. Select Chance/Community Chest cards also have empty spots for additional stickers.

Customizing the game is not really self-explanatory and not that idiot proof. The paper insert does instruct you to go to for further instructions, but it's written in a little corner. I kinda wish they made a huge dunce cap of a sign telling me to go there because I'm not gonna lie, I scanned through the gameplay instructions (also not very informative) several times looking for directions on customizing the game. When I did eventually go to the website I had to create an account before uploading my pictures. Here are the stickers all ready to be stuck on the tiles:

And here is the finished product.

Once you actually jump on the website and get your printer to work (errr!) everything is easy peasy. You can even customize your game pieces.

I think this is a fantastic way for families to bond - well, aside from the obvious bonding over gameplay. Families can select photos together and reminisce over those memories. It also makes a great gift - think weddings, birthdays, graduations. Who wouldn't like to open the box only to discover that the insides are completely customized with pictures of themselves over the years?
Tip: If you have a laser printer I highly recommend you use that instead of an inkjet printer, only because inkjets will smear if it gets sprinkled with water. And we know that's going to happen when you're playing with your best friend and she sees a picture of herself from 10 years ago and snorts cranberry juice all over your masterpiece. Yes, it does happen. I also chose to not stick photos on the Community Chest / Chance cards because it will cover the important (but not vital) information telling you the reason why you have to miss a turn or go back two spaces.
Other than that, I had a blast customizing the game to my liking and would encourage anyone who likes a good board game to do the same. Remember, I still have a few coupons for $5 off a Monopoly game, so let me know if you want one!

Note: I received this product complimentary from BzzAgent for testing purposes. All opinions expressed are my own. 


  1. I remember getting an email about this a while ago, and I though it was a fun idea except for (a) my own personal laziness in customization and (b) I'm not sure if I could get Mr. Bird to play Monopoly with me, haha. When I was a kid I LOVED Monopoly though so I would have freaked out with joy over such a novelty. This definitely looks fun, but I'm glad I'm passed because I'm sure that this is a much better score for families that don't just consist of lazy 30-somethings. :)

    1. Haha I know exactly what you mean. I have yet to play this game with the bf because he insists that we play it the fast aka lazy way - and turn a two-hour game into a twenty-minute game. Lazy 30-something for reals. But it is pretty awesome to land on a corgi butt instead of Park Place.

  2. This sounds like a crapton of work. I like Monopoly but I'm pretty sure I would end up severely maiming a family member in the process of creating all the bits. If I was a kid, I mean, and this was something all four of us would have to cooperate together to complete.

    1. Haha, well in that case the cutting can be left to the adults. It was a bit more tedious than I expected but the end product is great!