Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Memebox Special #41 Jackpot Box Unboxing

It's Memebox time! This time I went gambling!

But first: What is Memebox?
What: Memebox is NOT a subscription box. Rather it is a themed one-time purchase box filled with beauty products from Korea. There are several types of boxes: Memebox, Superbox, and Luckybox to name a few.
When: New boxes come out quite often, about every week or so.
Cost: $15 - $39, depending on the type of box + $6.99 shipping (from Korea)

Last month Memebox released the limited edition Jackpot Box which was a gamble kind of box. For $32 you could get anywhere from $155 to $1000 worth of goodies depending on what tier or "place" you got. The place you got was totally random. The breakdown was as follows:

1. 1st Place - 1 lucky winner will take home a box valued at $1000
2. 2nd Place - 15 lucky winners will win a box valued at $579
3. 3rd Place - 30 lucky winners will win a box valued at $371
4. 4th Place - 50 lucky winners will win a box valued at $289
5. 5th Place - 70 lucky winners will win a box valued at $201
6. 6th place - 90 lucky winners will win a box valued at $179
7. 7th Place - 60 lucky winners will win a box valued at $175
8. 8th Place - 70 lucky winners will win a box valued at $165
9. 9th Place - 60 lucky winners will win a box valued at $155

You can click here to see what was in each box. I got 8th place. So basically I was in the bottom 30% of the luck pile. But when you look at the breakdown, well over half of the boxes fall in a similar price point range so it's not that bad. Besides, what really matters is whether you can use any of the stuff you get.

I'm not gonna lie, I was kinda eagerly anticipating this box. I never bothered to track my Memebox shipments until this one went out. I've noticed that lately my Memeboxes have been taking one week to arrive instead of two days like before. Not that I'm complaining because that's still superfast for standard shipping. Just something I noticed..

When I opened the box and lifted up the item covering the rest of them I got happy. Looks like a good variety of stuff. And as far as I know these are all FULL-SIZED products. But I also noticed one more thing - THE DARN INFO CARD IS MISSING!!! How can they expect you to enjoy your jackpot when you don't know if the mystery liquid is for your face or your feet?! Not to fret, Memesters! If you click on your box layout on the Jackpot box page, you'll find it in cyberspace form. Here's mine.

Cotterang Bubble Peeling Pad (Value: $7) - I still don't know how to find the brand names of some of these things. Every word on the front of this packet is in English yet none of them say "Cotterang." This is an exfoliating pad rich in AHAs, plant extracts and fermented extracts which work to remove dead skin and sebum from your face. I wish I knew if this actually bubbles (fun!), or if "bubble" refers to foaming (not as fun).

Dermahouse Collagen Firming Cream (Value: $29) - So this cream's got collagen, shea butter, and mango shea butter. Supposedly the cream locks in moisture and delivers nutrients to your skin, and with continuous use you'll find a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains adenosine which helps to prevent wrinkles, especially near the eyes. I don't know about you, but to me it looks like this lady in the picture below had some pretty flawless skin to begin with. Other than a disappearing eye bag I see no difference between before and after. Maybe the Hangul tells us what the dramatic difference is. Any readers?

Tosowoong Time Shift Skin Toner (Value: $34) - Oh snail, we finally meet. This toner contains galactomyces ferment, bifida ferment, plant oils, and SNAIL MUCUS extract. I am waiting until I'm no longer squeamish when I hear the term "snail mucus" before I test spray this. Btw, anyone know where bifida ferment comes from? Is it from bifidobacteria? It sounds like this toner has a lot of the good stuff that seems to do wonders for your skin. But, snail. 

IOPE Essential Facial Oil (Value: $90) - My first IOPE product! This is one of those brands that I feel are made for rich folks because as far as I'm concerned no one in the right mind would pay $90 for 1oz of product! Which is why the IOPE Memeboxes were probably the best opportunity for "regular" people to get their hands on the brand (sorry, they're sold out now). This bottle contains argan and macadamia oils to nourish and protect skin. It smells sorta like lavender to me (is that just how argan and macadamia oils smell?) and absorbs instantly. Here are the instructions for use straight from the IOPE webiste:
"Then gently spread outward from the inner face right after relieving one used (two drops) essential next step in the back of the hand raised to face gently pressing down will absorb."
Can you figure it out without looking at the English-fied English info card link? I think for $90 this bottle should be at least three times bigger (even if it is an essential oil) but that's just my cheap opinion, coming from the person who saves McDonald's napkins and ketchup packets so I don't have to go out and buy more. Anyhow, I'll be keeping this because it makes me feel rich. My preciouuuussssss.

RiRe Lip Manicure - Virgin Orange (Value: $15) - Last I checked the word Virgin had nothing to do with the word Orange so I have no idea how "virgin orange" was born. At first I thought this was nail polish but it's actually a lip color with a fuzzy doe foot applicator in what can definitely pass as a nail polish bottle. Based on this picture from the RiRe website, this lip color is matte and waterproof. It's way too intense for me though, and it's orange. I match orange even less than I match purple.

Dear Jane Kiss My Lips Glossy Color - Vivid Jane (Value: $11) - And here's the glossy orange counterpart. I didn't get a picture of the gloss itself because that'd mean ripping through the protective sticker holding the tube shut, and I'm planning on trading this so you get this butt shot of the tube instead. Vivid is right. Too bright for me. And orange. I'll pass.

Hair+ Velvet Nutri-Injection (Value: $5) - So. I'm not totally sure what this is supposed to do. The info link says to apply it to towel-dried hair ends and "experience the results of a hair clinic program!" Not quite sure what that means. Does it magically heal split ends? Color the ends of my hair orange? That does seems to be the color of the season. I know I said all the items were full-sized but I may have lied because I have lots of hair and this won't even cover half of my split ends. Fortunately, it's not a very expensive product (*ahem* IOPE) so if I love it enough to buy two of these it won't break the bank (but maybe Memeshipping will).

Cotterang Acne Killer Kit (Value: $20) - I love how the word "Killer" is in such a girly font. This is a 7-day bio peeling system that removes acne + dead skin. It consists of a reusable Killer Pad and Killer Tok Tok Sol solution. Per manufacturer's instructions: 
"After opening slightly moistened with water on the pad after inserting the band created enough foam finger, forehead, nose, cheeks and on the whole face evenly rubbing and gentley with water and wipe. (The foam in your eyes, be careful not to) After use Apply a soothing, moisturizing product."
Translated, this means to moisten the pad and rub it all over your face. Then squeeze a dot onto a Q-tip and apply it to blemishes. Not sure how the 7-day peel part comes into play - will my face peel as badly as my feet did with the foot peel? If that's the case I should request off from work for a week so my coworkers don't get freaked out. Or I could just wait until Halloween rolls around and pass this off as my costume...

According to Memebox this box should be worth $165; however, if you use the values Memebox provided on the info link it's more like $211. I have IOPE to thank for half of that. Overall I think this is a good box. It's got lots of skincare and a little bit of hair and makeup. The two lip products were the only total misses for me. I'm still undecided about the Dermahouse collagen cream. I have so many moisturizers I don't need any more. And it doesn't get particularly dry during winter here anyway. We'll see. I hope I get over my snail issue soon so I can start using the toner.

Did you get a Jackpot Box? Which one did you get?

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  1. I got the Bubble Peeling Pad in a different box and it's basically just a facial sponge that's pre-loaded with foamy, acidic cleanser - so it doesn't bubble exactly, but it's not as thick as a foaming cleanser if that makes sense? Anyway, between the texture of the pad and the acidity of the solution it does exfoliate a bit. Just don't get the "juice" in your mouth because it tastes BAD!

    1. Thanks for the info...and the warning! I'd be lying if I said I'm not kinda bummed that it only foams because I don't own any carbonated bubbling skincare and I'm a sucker for novelty. But I'll be sure to keep my mouth tightly shut during the whole process. Thanks for taking one for the team!

  2. I think the IOPE and the Timeshift toner are my two favorites from your box. The Riri lip thing I got in another one of my boxes and it is BRIGHT BRIGHT BRIGHT pink. Not orange but you can still see my lips from five miles away.

    1. Ha, then the RiRe is TOTALLY not for me. I prefer to not be known as Lippy. I'm already using the IOPE and I'm currently fighting my mucoid demons because I reeeally wanna use the toner! I suppose if I can put silkworm poop on my face, then it can be done with snail slime :)

    2. You'll love what it does, trust me. Dooooo it!