Monday, September 8, 2014

Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag Review - September 2014

I think Rainbow Honey has just about the cutest polishes ever. I'm a sucker for shiny and colorful things, and Rainbow Honey has the perfect polishes to satisfy my bird-like tendencies.

What: Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag contains cute nail polishes and unreleased samples of their upcoming collections
When: Ships at the beginning of each month
Cost: Small size - $10+$2.95 shipping; Large size - $25 (free shipping); or free with a $65 purchase. This review is for the small bag

This is my third month of subscribing to Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag. I loved my first month, but the second month's bag looked the same as the first one but with different colors/scents. So I was curious to see whether my third bag would have any variation of products.

Each small mystery bag contains three sample-sized polishes and some items from the featured scent of the month. Personally I prefer these sample sizes because I've never finished a bottle of nail polish. Ever. Everything is unreleased so you're among the first to try these products. Rainbow Honey encourages feedback on the items so they know what's good to add to their store.

September 2014 Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag info card (click to enlarge)

Sugarberries (5ml sample value: $3.33) - A sugary blend of berry glitters and pigments in a red shimmery base. This is a glitter topper but it's got pretty full coverage so I think this can pass on its own with 2-3 layers. This is a nice raspberry color with red glitters. Perfect for...Christmas? I don't use reds very often, but I think this pretty.

Salacia (5ml sample value: $3.33) - Marine green glitter topper. This one will be part of an upcoming collection, so keep your eyes out for it. It sort of reminds me of Viridis from my first Mystery Bag but with a stronger green base. (The other one looked green in the bottle, but that was because it had green glitters). I like that it doesn't have giant glitters so it should be easier to apply.

Asteroid B (5ml sample value: $3.33) - A midnight blue shimmer base packed with holo silver and gold stars. What a gorgeous color! I love the deep blue, and with the stars it looks like a twilight sky. The only thing is that this formula is very thin. I swatched it on a plain piece of paper and already saw issues with opacity. I definitely think you'd need at least 3 coats for decent coverage.

September's featured scent is pomme rouge. I don't know any French but Google tells me it means apple? Ok well let's go with that. This month's scent is apple. These are all new products to Rainbow Honey and I couldn't find prices for them on the website so these are approximations based on similar products.

Pomme Rouge Body Lotion (1oz sample size value: ~$1.50) - If pomme rouge really does mean apple I don't smell it. The scent reminds me of this one boutique I used to always visit with my mom when I was small. I really suck at placing smells so I don't know how to describe it - it's subtly sweet but not fruity or floral. Okay maybe a teensy note of fruity, like...melons? But not much. Not as great as the Midori and Royal Fruits scents from my previous mystery bags, but it's alright. As far as the lotion itself, it's light and absorbs well and isn't greasy at all. Plus it's the perfect size for travelling.

Pomme Rouge Hand Soap (0.5oz sample size value: ~$1) - This is a glycerin hand soap that smells more like apples than the lotion did. Still not apple-y enough for me to call it apple, but it's at least fruity. This will probably end up in the garage sink so C can clean his hands after working on the car. It's the only sink we have where a bar of soap won't slide all over the place, and I refuse to buy a soap dish for just this one soap. Plus it doesn't hurt for him to smell like fruits instead of grease when he comes in the house.

Pomme Rouge Body Balm (0.15oz sample size value: ~$5) - This is like lip balm but with the word "body" instead of "lip." It's a beeswax base with coconut, almond, and avocado oils. I think I'll swap this because I'm not a huge enough fan of the pomme rouge scent to be adding it to my lip balm collection, and I don't need a body balm since I've already got the lotion to put all over my arms and legs.

It's hard to come up with a value of this month's mystery bag since there were so many new products, but I'd say it's between $17-20. I liked the polishes but I wasn't the biggest fan of the pomme rouge scent. However, I do like that there was a different variety of body care products than previous months. That being said, I think I'm going to take a little break from this subscription. I mentioned earlier that I like these small sizes over the full size (0.5oz) versions, but now I have more glitter polishes than I know what to do with! When you add this to the Julep polishes I've been getting (I still haven't tried all of those either) this is seriously polish overload. 

If you want to pick up a Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag you can do so here. They don't have too many creme polishes, but if you're a fan of the fun glittery kind, they got TONS and I highly suggest you check out their collections. Happy  browsing!


  1. You're right on "Asteroid B", it did take me three coats. But it's so worth it!!! :) Proof:

    1. Ohmygosh it IS gorgeous. I love the holographic finish! I think this one has the potential to be one of my favorites. Now I just have to learn how to apply polish nicely like you :)

    2. I paint my nails a lot. Like, A LOT ;) That's really why I had to start blogging; my friends thought I was nuts haha.

    3. That's totally cool, because now I can look at your blog for inspiration :)

  2. "Pomme" does indeed mean apple. Fun fact: "Pomme de terre" means potato. LAND APPLE.

    1. Thanks for confirming and expanding my French vocabulary! So.. I think I'm gonna make some pomme de terre salad for lunch tomorrow :)

  3. Rainbow Honey sure loves glitter. I wonder if they will make some non glitter polishes. I skipped this month because I just can't do all that glitter. My nails always look unbalanced. All the stars clump in one spot or something :P

    1. They do love glitter alright! I've seen a few creme ones but they're all in bright fluorescent colors I wouldn't wear. I love glitter but I'm gonna skip next month too. I've got so many! I do think it takes quite a bit of fishing to get the confettis, but I keep telling myself if I keep fishing then I'll get better at it or something. So far no luck :(