Sunday, October 12, 2014

bareMinerals Beauty Surprise Box Contents

A few weeks ago bareMinerals released a Beauty Surprise box with 11 mystery items inside. They did one of these about 6 months ago and I heard it was pretty good so there was no way I was missing out this time. The mystery box was selling for $45 and promised to have $188 worth of stuff inside. The shipping confirmation listed each item in the box so it wasn't a total surprise, but it's still nice to finally have it in my hands. I have a feeling a lot of these items are discontinued products and/or colors, but as long as it's not expired that's fine with me.

Marvelous Moxie Lipgloss - Starlet (Full size value: $18.00) - I really like Marvelous Moxie glosses. I already have this in Rule Breaker (a nude color) but I'm glad to have a subtle pink. This is a sheer gloss with just the right amount of shine and it's slightly plumping. I personally can't tell a difference but the tingly feeling it leaves behind helps to wake me up in the morning. This color isn't available on the bareMinerals website, but I take forever to go through lip glosses anyway so worrying about reordering shouldn't be an issue.

Natural Lipgloss - Apricot Nectar (Travel size value: ??) - This is a shimmery nude gloss that I couldn't find at all on the site. It doesn't smell minty like the Marvelous Moxie or sweet like some other glosses; it actually smells kinda chalky. I haven't swatched it so I don't know what the color payoff is like, but I think I can use this as long as it doesn't taste like how it smells.

Pretty Amazing Lipcolor - Rouge (Full size value: $16.00) - This is another discontinued(?) color and I think it's also a replacement item. The packing ship showed an eyeliner and a blush, but those were replaced with two other items. Most of the tube is blacked out but you can see a bit of color on the bottom. It's a shiny reddish brown that's great for the fall season but I don't think my lips will be able to pull it off :(

Prime Time Primer Shadow - Polished Pewter (Full size value: $18.00) - This primer shadow can be used alone on your eyelids or as a primer. Again, this color isn't available on the site. Polished pewter is a silver-gold that would probably look best worn alone. These primer shadows are supposed to be great for oily skin and are crease-resistant. Fortunately, no creasing is the one good thing about having monolids (yay!). 

5-in-1 BB Advanced Performance Cream Eyeshadow Broad Spectrum SPF15 - Blushing Apricot (Full size value: $18.00) - Whew, what a mouthful. This is a newish item from bareMinerals and was recently featured in Ispy Glam Bags in the superdark (for me) color Divine Wine. Thankfully, Blushing Apricot is a nude that I could definitely get some use out of. I go for the no-makeup makeup look at work so that means no eyeliner and no dark eyeshadows. Peaches and nudes are all I wear with my everyday mug. This cream shadow smooths fine lines and delivers 12 hours of wear. That's a big claim, and now I have a color I'll actually wear so I can test that claim.

Prime Time Brightening Eyelid Primer (Sample value: $9.00) - This is the second substituted item in the box. I think the eyelid primer is similar to the primer shadow but not as pigmented. Like the primer shadow, it can be worn alone or under eyeshadow. I think this only comes in one color - a light gold - that brightens your eyelids by making them metallic and shiny. It's a really tiny tube, but since it's made for eyelids all you need less than a pinhead for each eye so this should last quite a few uses.

Prime Time Antioxidant Foundation Primer Broad Spectrum SPF30 (Jumbo size approx value: $48.00) - The bareMinerals shop doesn't have this exact primer, but there are similar ones (brightening, neutralizing) available so the estimated value is based off of those. Right now I'm using a sample tube of the original version and I'm milking that for all it's worth. The normal full size bottle is 1oz; this is a jumbo 2oz size and I am so happy to have it. This is a silicone-based primer that smooths fine lines and reduces the appearance of large pores. The slight tint evens out skin tone and titanium dioxide provides some sun protection. I've tried a few silicone primers and I keep coming back to bareMinerals because it's the only one that doesn't leave my face feeling oily.

Broad Spectrum SPF20 Concealer - Honey Bisque (Travel size value: $5.14) -  It took me a while to get on board with powder concealers, but as soon as I did I loved it. bareMinerals concealers blend surprisingly well and don't budge when you put foundation over it. I currently use the Bisque shade but it's a tad too light for my skin tone. Honey Bisque has more golden undertones and I think would be a better match. This is a tiny size but it should still last me a while. Sweet!
Bronzing Mineral Veil (Jumbo size approx value: $49.00) - I have the original version of the Mineral Veil and I love it. It's a translucent finishing powder that doesn't make your face feel suffocated or look chalky. It makes your makeup just work together. This particular one is tinted and I have no idea how it'll look, but I'm looking forward to trying it. It's a huge container and over twice the size of the normal mineral veils, but it's their old style container without the rotating piece to cover the holes. So just be sure you don't flip it over too often or else you'll have a LOT of powder to work with.

2-in-1 Heavenly Face and Eye Brush (Approx value: $30.00+) - I couldn't find this particular brush on the bareMinerals website, only the Heavenly brush for $30. This is a nested makeup brush rather than dual-ended. The heavenly brush part pulls out to expose a blending brush that looks like a Mini Me of the Heavenly brush. I actually like this style better because you don't have to worry about the dust crud in the bottom of your brush cup getting all over the bristles. The brushes have natural (goat) bristles so I think they'll generally work better with mineral makeup rather than liquids and creams.

Black Patent Leather Makeup Bag (Value: ??) - This glossy black bag is a perfect size for travel. It's long enough (7") to fit full size makeup brushes and has enough room for everything you need to put together a complete look. It looks like a decent quality bag and I would keep it if I didn't already have so many from Ipsy. 

The Beauty Surprise bag contained 11 items and I calculated a value of $211 not including the bag and mini lipgloss. I'm pretty sure I got some of the values wrong since I couldn't find a lot of the exact items on the bareMinerals website, but that's okay because I'll use most of them anyway. It's too bad that they ran out of the blush and eyeliner because those would've added some variety. I would've liked to see the eyeliner or some mineral eyeshadow instead of three lip glosses. Or maybe a skincare item. I also thought it was kind of heavy on the primers. I don't think this box was as mind-blowing as the last one but it did have some great stuff in it. But if they do another one I'll most likely get it anyway only because I can't say no to such a good value. Mucho willpower ftw.

Did you purchase the bareMinerals Beauty Surprise? What'd you think, and if you got the blush and eyeliner did you like it?


  1. What a great deal! I love that it came with a bag :D

    1. It was! I'm sure I could've done without so many primers and glosses, but at least they're good quality stuff. And I like that the bag is so simple with no tacky designs. It's actually a very nice travel bag, but I prefer flat pouches because I have this horrible habit of smashing things in my luggage :-/

  2. Oooh wow, I'm going to have to keep my eye out for this next time!! :o

    1. Hopefully they come out with another one next spring. This one sold out in less than a day so definitely keep your eyes open for it! If you're on their email list they'll let you know when it's released. I'm looking forward to the next one too!