Friday, October 17, 2014

Influenster VoxBox Review - Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive Razor

First things first: I've been lazy lately. I received a new razor to review from Gillette and Influenster but I was too lazy to use it for a while (that also implies I was too lazy to shave my legs. TMI?). Then after I finally got around to using it I was too lazy to post about it. I'm still feeling rather lethargic so I'm sorry if you feel like banging your head on the wall from boredom halfway through this post. I really don't know what brought on this sudden onset of sloth. Oh I know. It's because I finally got around to starting our wedding planning then saw the dollar signs and then subsequently curled up in a depressed little ball and hid under my bed and refused to come out and play. I have since stopped wedding planning.

But, Influenster. If you haven't heard of them before, Influenster is an online word-of-mouth type of review community where you review products to unlock "badges" and connect your social media networks to increase your Social Impact score. The higher your score and activity level, the greater your chances of receiving a free VoxBox containing several full-sized items for review.

Several weeks ago Influenster invited me to test out the Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive razor made specifically for sensitive skin prone to shaving irritation. I don't think my skin is particularly sensitive, but I do have my share of occasional shaving bumps, and those are the pits (get it? haha). I don't know why a razor should take over a month to arrive, unless shaving blades are thrown in with perfumes as being hazardous commodities? Either way, it chose to take the slow boat to my side of the world and I was getting worried that it got seasick and jumped overboard along the way. But fear not! It arrived perfectly safe and sound, although it did look a bit green in the face if you know what I mean...

This VoxBox featured one item - the Gillette Embrace Sensitive razor. This is a sea foam green refillable razor and the package came with a cartridge replacement and a suction cup holster so you can store it in your shower.
Also included in the box was a coupon for $4 off a box of Venus refill cartridges. Sweet! You know what makes it even better? Venus refills fit into any Venus razor! Perfect for me because I happen to have another Venus razor. It's kinda old though, I hope these cartridges fit old razors...

The Gillette Embrace Sensitive razor has "5 curve-hugging blades and 8 times more glide boosters" to give you "a closer shave and less irritation." The five blades (instead of three like on the regular Venus razors) allow for less pressure per blade which should help in preventing nicks. The "Protective Ribbon of Moisture" (such a fancy name) has aloe that moisturizes and helps the razor glide across skin without tugging.

I think I've been spoiled with 5-blade razors and have come to expect the close shave they give so I didn't see any huge wow factor with this one. I didn't even know they made 3-blade razors anymore except for disposables. Hashtag spoiledbrat. That said, my legs did feel nice and smooth afterward. As far as 8x more glide boosters, I didn't notice that either. What's a glide booster anyway? It does glide over skin sort of nicely, but not as well as some other razors I've tried with extra-ultra-ultimate hydration strips. It didn't tug my non-irritated skin, but it did snag on a few existing irritated hair follicles I had. Not fun.

One more gripe I have is the same gripe I have with every single freakin razor I've tried in the last 10 years. I don't know why all women's razor brands like to use that smooth semi-rubbery handle. It's porous and grows mold ohsofast especially if you leave your razor in the shower like the holster suggests you do. A refillable razor implies that you should be able to keep the handle for a long time and just switch out the blades, but I've found that a typical razor handle lifetime is about 8 months before it starts to grow mold deep in the rubber, meaning no amount of bleach will kill those suckers. My favorite razor ever was one that was completely plastic because I could clean it. Like, really clean it. The blade sucked donkeyballs but I kept that one for 6 years because it never grew mold once.

Overall this was an okay razor, definitely a lot better than what was around when I was still going out all the time and actually cared about what my legs looked like to others, but it was nothing to write home about. It gives a close shave and glides nicely IF you don't already have shaving bumps or the like. I've come to accept that rubbery razor handles are here to stay because they're more ergonomic or some crap and I guess it won't slip out of your hand and cut your toes off as easily? I don't know, I still dropped a rubber-handled razor in college and sliced a nice chunk off my pinky toe. It kind of reminded me of the shower scene in Psycho minus the crazy killer.

On that gruesome note, if you want in on getting full-sized affordable products for free, let me know and I'll send you an invite! It's that simple! I promise you don't have to injure yourself to enjoy Influenster's VoxBoxes.

Note: I received Gillette Venus Embrace Sensitive complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes. All opinions expressed in this post are my own. 

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