Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Ipsy Unboxing - October 2014

November's Ipsy spoilers began releasing this morning. My October Glam Bag arrived yesterday so technically it's not late. I sort of expected them to go with a Fall/Halloween theme this month, or even pink for breast cancer awareness, but I was wrong. October is Beauty Candy Month. Well I guess it's sort of pink if you count the chair and extra large hard candy in the corner of the info card.
So those are Ipsy's stylists in the above photo. I don't know about you, but the three on the right look like they could pass as triplets. Blonde hair, brown eyes, same hairstyle, same cat eye makeup. Is Ipsy saying everyone can look like that? Cause I'm still waiting for my hair to un-frizz and my dark spots to go into hiding. I've been patiently waiting for 15 years.    

It's a BB cream...for your hair!? What the... This is actually a styling cream/lotion that moisturizes and protects hair without weighing it down. It contains jojoba oil, monoi oil, silk protein, and the star ingredient is acacia collagen. I'm pretty sure we're talking about the tree. So, tree proteins. But as far as I know, there's no proof that collagen can incorporate itself into your body's proteins when applied topically. Furthermore, isn't hair already dead? I think this is basically a moisture mask to coat aka smooth hair cuticles.

New York Color Big Bold Curl Mascara (Full size value: $5.00)
How convenient. I just ran out of mascara this morning. They all claim to pump up volume but I have yet to find one that does so without clumping. Even the non-clumping ones clump up. But NYC's Lash Expand technology supposedly gives quick dry volume so your lashes stay flexible and clump-free. And it's got a huge fat brush! This one boasts up to 12x more volume and up to 99% more curl and lift. Unfortunately, 99% more curl on stick-straight-downward-pointing-uncurlable lashes still equals no curl. Seriously, not even eyelash curlers can curl them. Prove me wrong, NYC. Prove me wrong. Oh, and it's not waterproof so that makes me sad. But I can't tear because my mascara will run.
Will this be the end of my mascara woes?
Noyah Lipstick - Deeply in Mauve (Sample value: $5.60)
This lipstick has a semi-matte cream finish and is buildable for a subtle daytime or intense nighttime look. It only contains natural ingredients and they never test on animals. I love everything about it except the color. I can't pull off dark colors, even if it is fall. But I'm sure lots of people would go nuts over this so I'll let someone else enjoy it. Oh! And if you want more of what they have to offer, use code FALLinLOVE to get 15% off your order plus a free lip balm! AND. For every photo you post online of a Noyah product with the tag #livedivinely, Noyah will donate a lip balm to the homeless through the National Health Care Coalition for the Homeless Council. I'm almost entirely sure beauty is the last thing on the mind of the homeless, but you can't blame a company for trying, right?

Epice Purifying Exfoliant (Sample value: $9.70)
This exfoliant activates collagen production and has anti-bacterial micro-fine polyspheres to remove excess dirt and dead skin without irritating skin. It contains emollients, humectants, and barrier protectors for hydration. This sounds like a regular run-of-the-mill exfoliant. I'm still undecided about keeping it since I still have about 8 lbs of exfoliant to go through. I haven't opened it so I don't know how abrasive the microbeads are, but they must be pretty darn tiny if it doesn't irritate sensitive skin.

Figs & Rouge Hand Cream - Mango Mandarin (Full size value: $6.56)
Figs & Rouge is a UK-based company specializing in lip balms, lip butters, and hand creams. I couldn't find this scent on the company website (actually all the hand creams from Ipsy's linked site weren't on the company site). It smells very citrus, like a tangy creamsicle. I don't use hand creams, but I was really in the mood for a new fruity scent. I love that it's not greasy at all and not overly thick. I'll probably just use this because it smells so good.

The Bag
I'm happy that all the makeup bags I've gotten since starting Ipsy have been decent (i.e. no tacky designs or godawful colors), but now I have way more than I'll ever need. This one's a turquoise plastic bag with a quilted pattern. The only thing I don't care for is that the zipper is side-mounted and it makes me feel like the top inch is wasted space.

Overall another good bag. It was valued at over $34 and had two full-sized items. The contents spanned haircare to makeup to skincare. I'll be passing a couple of the items along but I still think it's a great value. If you'd like a chance to try makeup you never would've seen yourself spending $$$ on otherwise, use my link to sign up for an account. You almost always get an insanely high valued bag without the hefty price tag. There's a waitlist for Glam Bags, but you can skip the wait by posting to Facebook and having a friend subscribe from your link.

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  1. What is with this BB for hair nonsense? I saw a similar product by Pantene and was like WTF?

    1. It's the first time I ever heard of it and I had the same reaction. I thought it was regular BB cream the whole time until I looked at it again to write this review. Because seriously, who would think "beauty balm" applies to hair???