Thursday, October 2, 2014

Memebox Global #15 Unboxing

I don't know why, but I keep buying Memeboxes even though I already have skincare products to last me the next five years. Must be because I'm a sucker for mystery goody bags and it's just so fun to receive useful surprises in the mail! 

What: Memebox is not a recurring subscription box. It's a one-time purchase box filled with beauty products from Korea. There are several types of boxes: Memebox, Superbox, and Luckybox to name a few.
When: New boxes come out quite often, recently about three times a week.
Cost: $15 - $39, depending on the type of box + $6.99 shipping (from Korea)

People say that if you're new to K-beauty and want the most bang for your buck, Memebox Globals are the way to go. If they're all sold out (not the case right now...Memebox Global #18 is still available!) then your next bet are the Luckyboxes because they contain Memebox favorites. I guess I went backward. I started with the themed Memeboxes and this is actually my first ever Global box. So of course I was all kinds of excited when I saw it in my mailbox the other day. Memebox Global #15 was selling for $23 + $6.99 shipping but I'm pretty sure I used a code to get it for less. Discount codes are golden, guys.

Memebox Global #15 info card (click to enlarge)

Mise en scene Perfect Repair Treatment Pack (Value: $16) - That brand name. Doesn't that mean storytelling or something? Well I don't have any hair stories to tell yet as I haven't tried this out but I will soon. Basically it's a conditioning hair mask that can be used twice a week after shampooing for nourishment and repair of damaged ends. The website recommends using this for normal to dry hair and scalp and...for pole damaged hair. Um. As in North Pole? I'm pretty sure everything on your body will get damaged if you trek to the Poles. Hair, skin, ..sanity. Just to name a few.

Mise en scene Perfect Serum (Value: $9) - Here's the matching serum. It contains 7 natural oils (argan, camellia, olive, jojoba, coconut, apricot, and marula) that absorb into hair without making it greasy. It's to be used before or after blow drying. I wonder if it's heat-activated or if it will work with air drying. I don't blow dry my hair because it takes too long and I get so hot and sticky that it makes me want to move to the North Pole so I can get pole damaged hair.

miss.age Snail Anti Wrinkle Serum (Value: $53) - Hey guys, this is on sale now in the Memeshop for $29 so if you want to get your snail on, now's the time! This is my second snail slime filtrate product and I have yet to work it into my skincare routine. Partly because I'm nowhere near done with my current bottles, but mostly because snail. I guess if I can eat them then I can rub it on my face, but I keep remembering how one time an African snail crawled slithered slid what the hell made its way across C's brand new car and, not wanting to disturb nature, he let it do its thing and went back in the house. The next morning Mr. Snail's slime trail was a freakin part of his car! It took a ton of soap and water and about an hour to remove it but even after he did you could see that it ruined the finish. If snail slime can ruin car paint I'm kinda scared to see what it would do to my face. Gawd I hope this snail filtrate is not from African snails.

Ariul Stress Relieving Purefull Cleansing Foam (Value: $8) - This is a bubbling foam cleanser that has sunflower seed oil, sanjay tree fruit extract, and chamomile to moisturize, nourish, and soothe skin. It also has a Pure Pool Complex containing rosemary and...pine bears?
Pure Pool ComplexSkin Purifying sanseberiah excellent effect, rosemary, pine bears, oxygen can be complex
Here's more info on the Pool Complex:
Pure Botanical Extracts pool complex + + Aromatherapy
Haebarigi seed oil, vitamin fruit trees, together with the effect of the Pure Skin Purifying and Clarifying pool complex given the help Blue skin moisturizing and soothing chamomile is moist and comfortable, even after washing, without pulling the prehistoric-looking finish.
include bergamot, lime, eucalyptus 6 kinds of essential oils help to regain freshness and vitality is refreshing aromatherapy effect enemies.
Wait, so I want the prehistoric-looking finish? I picture dinosaurs when I think of prehistoric. I really hope this doesn't give me dinosaur skin. Well with 6 kinds of oils I guess it shouldn't. But the thing I'm most interested in is the "micro cleansing double bubble system" (yes, even more than achieving the prehistoric finish) because I like bubbles. And double bubble sounds twice as fun.
I think it's just a light foam but it'll feel like I'm at my very own foam party!
I found an ingredient list for the curious:


Glycerin, acid pre-Stick, Water, Butylene Glycol, Potassium cocoyl glycidyl carbonate, potassium hydroxide, stearic acid, cocamidopropyl betaine, Rick Lau acid, sodium methyl cocoyl Tau rate, blood's -40 stearate, glyceryl stearate, stearate -100's blood, the living tree fruit extract, chamomile flower / leaf extract, rosemary extract, pine extract, bear, sanseberiah Leaf Extract, Bergamot fruit oil, lemon peel oil, eucalyptus leaf oil, sunflower seed oil, Europe pine leaf oil, lime oil, orange peel oil, tocopheryl acetate, sodium tree this itty, mineral water, oxygen, phenoxyethanol

Tonymoly BCDation All Master SPF30 PA++ (Sample value: $9.60) - There's BB cream, CC cream, DD cream, and now there's BCD cream? It combines BB and CC creams and foundation. So you've basically got an anti-aging moisturizer with SPF protection that whitens and acts as a foundation. It's a huge tube for the amount that I use, and this isn't even full size! I'm normally okay with CC creams but don't care for BB creams so I want to read more about this before deciding whether to keep it.

Tosowoong Makeon Lip Manicure 30 Seconds - Sweet Raspberry (Value: $12) - This lip gloss came in five colors and in my opinion this is the most natural-looking of them all. The rest were too red or orange for me. Supposedly this is a super smudgeproof lip color that needs 30 seconds to set then it will "never smudge or wear away." Never? I will be testing this claim.

Shara Shara I Wanna Pencile Gel Liner - Dark Brown (Value: $8) - I just got my first (really!) sub box brown eyeliner last month and here's another one already. But I won't complain because I'm perfectly fine with wearing boring plain colors. No greens or silvers or *cough* oranges here.
This eyeliner goes on smooth with a matte finish and is waterproof. I do like gel eyeliners, and it's so much easier to use in pencil form. But I don't like how broad the tip looks. I prefer thin, precise lines. This looks like it leaves behind quite a thick line:
It was also supposed to come with a mini sharpener that was nowhere to be found. :( But I think I'll be keeping this anyway because I like how rich the color looks and if it really is smudge proof, even better. I could use more of those in my collection.

Global Memeboxes are hailed for their usually high values. This one had over $115 worth of items in it. Not as high as some previous Global boxes, but it had a good mix of hair, skincare, and makeup. I'll be keeping and using the high ticket item once I get past my irrational fear of snail slime :-/ And I'll probably keep most of the other stuff too, except maybe the Mise en scene hair serum because I have way too many hair oils already.

If you're interested in a Memebox Global, this one is sold out but Global #18 is still available for purchase. Or if you want to try a different box take a look around the Memebox site and be sure to use these discount codes to save a few bucks!

4BJM - get $5 off any purchase in October. Note: only one 4-digit blogger code can be used per month (exp 10/31)
OE5B - 20% off an order over $200 (VIP one time use code; if it doesn't work that means someone already used it. I don't see myself spending $200 on a single transaction this month so I figured might as well let someone else benefit from it! Exp 10/31)
MEMEBUNDLE3 - $5 off when you buy 3+ Memeboxes
MEMEBUNDLE4 - $8 off when you buy 4+ Memeboxes
FREESHIPPING - Free shipping on orders $70+ from the Memeshop
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  1. "Mise-en-scène" is a term used sometimes in film or theater to describe the stage setting or overall visual vibe. I laughed when I got my first mise-en-scène product because it seemed like a ridiculous name for a hair product? But what do I know. Also, aren't African Snails an invasive species? Gee, I feel like I've learned so much from this Memebox. :P

    1. I guess the intent is for my hair to look nice and give off a good vibe? Yeah, I'm pretty sure African snails are invasive and SO GROSS. I really hope that's not what I'll be slathering on my face because that would make me gag. Then cry. This was a pretty educational experience for me too. I'm gonna be all dramatic when I use the Mise en scene now.

  2. I got this box too and the sharpener for the eyeliner is actually on the opposite end of the eyeliner part. It's very small so I don't know if it even works well but yeah

    1. Oh good to know! Yeah I'm not too sure how well that'd work but thanks for letting me know!

  3. I didn't even know Africa had snails! It seems like they'd shrivel up and die in all that heat. Seattle, on the other hand, is slug heaven. I hate slugs. I hate snails, too, but they're cuter because they have shells.
    Also... That foaming cleanser looks like fun! The ingredient list is hilarious! I noticed it still says there is "bear" in there. :D
    I just wish there wasn't any hair stuff. I hate getting hair stuff. But that's just me. This is a stinking fun box and I WANT it!
    I'm excited to get my box, if only it would hurry up and get here! Tell me what you think of the BCDation!

    1. Tonight I ran into my first African snail since moving to this house and I still think they're as gross as slugs. Maybe if someone were to draw a happy face on the shell...
      I'm waiting to read reviews of the BCDation before deciding whether to open it. I heard Tony Moly's BB cream was on the thick side; I'm not sure if this one takes after that. I hope not :/