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PetBox Snack Unboxing - October 2014

I first got into subscription boxes because of my dog. I found myself spending almost $50/month on just treats and toys alone. For one dog! I admit Macho may be a wee bit spoiled (biggest understatement ever), but he loved the new treat smell and I loved bribing him. Then I saw a Facebook ad with a coupon code for a pet sub box and I was officially sucked in. After expanding my subscription list to a few beauty boxes for myself I decided it was time to treat the dogs (cause now there were two!) to another box too. That's when PetBox entered our lives.

What: PetBox is a subscription box for cats & dogs filled with healthy treat, toy, and hygiene items. Boxes are curated according to the size of your pet and come in four box sizes of increasing item count. Multi-pet boxes are now available as well! This review is for the Snack box (smallest size) for a medium dog.
When: Ships monthly on your sign up date
Cost: Snack: $7.95-$9.95; Deluxe: $14.95-$19.95; Premium: $29.95-$39.95; Multiple Pet: $49.95-$59.95 per month depending on the length of your subscription

I actually picked up two 3-month subscriptions, one for a medium dog profile (for Macho) and one for a small dog profile (for Pebbles). You'd think that since they ask how big your dog is on your account they'd send you size-appropriate boxes. Not so. We've received medium boxes for both of them every month. But PetBox is unique in that you have the option of choosing goodies yourself using your monthly allotted points (number of points vary according to your plan). Since this was my last month I wanted to finally take advantage of that option. I had 200 points to spend for each box so I chose a treat for Macho's box and a toy for Pebbles' box.
Special holiday message from PetBox
PetBox #1
I normally only do one PetBox review since both boxes are identical, but since they're slightly different this month I'm shoving both boxes into a single post. I spent my points on a bag of treats and thought that was all I'd get since I was almost at 200 points. But when the box arrived, the packing slip listed a "dog sampler" was included. Hm? There was a slight delay in shipping due to some mishap at the warehouse but they added an extra 50 points to my account to make up for it. Maybe they also threw in extra goodies because of it? Not sure why the extras but I'm not complaining. 

Doggie Beer Bones (Value: 160 points, $7.00) - When I saw this as an option, I just had to. If I can't share a beer with my rascals, I need something to toast with them. These treats are made with repurposed spent brewing grain from San Diego craft breweries. They don't contain hops or any alcohol so you don't have to worry about Fluffy staggering or barking some obscenity he'll regret in the morning. These bones are also soy-, corn-, wheat-, and preservative-free. Macho happened to be out and about when I took this out of the box and next thing I know he's insisting on being a lap dog . Fat dogs don't make good lap dogs. Especially when you haven't trimmed their nails in three months :(
In case you were wondering just how close to beer it really is

Loving Pets It's Purely Natural Pure Beef Jerky Bars (Value: $8.00) - Here's the first item in the "dog sampler." We received this before in the August box and my carnivores ripped through that bag in three days. There's only 6 strips in a bag and I like to spoil my dogs; leave me alone. The strips feel pretty rigid and tough to chew, but that's from a human standpoint. Dogs are totally different. My two animals scarfed it down as if I don't feed them or something.

Pawsitively Wholesome Sadie's Sweet Pawtato Chips (Sample Value: $1.20) - Part 2 of the dog sampler. This is something else we got before in the iHeartRadio PetBox. These are single-ingredient sweet potato chips that I'm guessing would never pass my potato chip test because they lack DEEP FRIED GOODNESS. There are only three sweet potato chips in this packet, making each worth about $0.40! Good golly Miss Molly, I don't care how much I love my dogs, I'd never spend that much on something that'll be gone in less than 5 seconds. They do love these chips, though. But that's because I don't let them taste how good people food is. They think cookies made of flour, water, and a touch of honey are the bomb diggity. Poor ignorant fools. 

PetBox #2
The second box also had the dog sampler in addition to the toy I ordered with my remaining points. 

Aussie Naturals Floatie Dolphin (Value: 240 points, $12.00) - I have been wanting this toy ever since it made its appearance in a Barkbox over a year ago. It's much larger than I thought - 1.5' feet long! This is a neoprene dolphin that has no stuffing (= no mess!) and it floats. There's also a squeaker in the tail for dogs like mine who are squeak-driven. Since pups have no mercy on cute things, if they happen to rip this adorable guy apart (sad face), there's also a rope and tennis ball inside to keep the fun going. I'm sure my land dwellers won't swim with this dolphin, but they'll gladly play tug of war with him (and in all honesty will probably rip him apart in less than a day despite being constructed of the tough stuff of knee pads).

These were super awesome boxes thanks to the added value of the sampler packs. You're allowed about $10 worth of points to customize the Snack box, and with the sampler having a value of about $9, these boxes averaged about $19 apiece. That plus 50 free points more than makes up for shipping being delayed a week. Plus, I only paid about $6 total for these two boxes from an awesome 3-for-1 deal they had going on a while back.

So my first PetBox subscription has officially ended. These were a fun few months and I love that they're the only pet sub box company I know of that lets you fully customize each box. I do think the doggie Snack box subscription is kind of heavy on the It's Purely Natural line of treats from Loving Pets, but I didn't really mind because the dogs seem to love it. But do you get your money's worth each month? As I mentioned above you get about $10 worth of points to play around with each month, so I think the longer plans are more worth it. But Gropuon has been having PetBox specials up the wazoo so just keep an eye out if you want to snag a deal.

If you want to start your own PetBox subscription then sign up here and choose the type and length of plan you want (cat lovers: remember they have cat subscriptions too!).

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