Friday, October 31, 2014

Smiley360 Mission - 5-hour Energy

I better get this review pumped out before the month ends, reason being because Smiley360 sent out this product in honor of breast cancer awareness and October is breast cancer awareness month.

If you haven't heard of them before, Smiley360 is an online review community in which you go on "missions" and receive free products to review in exchange for your honest opinion. Sometimes the item you get to review is full-sized; other times you get samples, but the amount will always be enough for you to form an opinion on it.

I must be the only one who hasn't tried 5-hour Energy. Ever. I normally try to avoid energy drinks which are pretty much diluted sugar with loads of caffeine or taurine (but I still looove my soft drinks; they just taste better). Over the past year I've seen more 5-hour Energy flavors popping up in stores, and apparently they also make a breast cancer awareness pink lemonade flavor. I've heard stories about how the original version tasted horrible. When Smiley360 offered to let me try the pink lemonade flavor I opted in because I wanted to see if it would taste un-horrible.


The kit came with two 5-hour Energy pink lemonade shots. We science folks like to do things in triplicate to account for any anomalies and get an average opinion so of course I would've liked three shots instead. You know, in case two of them were, um, flukes. But whatever, picky greedy self aside, I was at least happy we didn't get a single one-time use sample. I'm talking about you, Birchbox.

5-hour Energy has no sugar so their claim to fame is that there's no sugar crash. But it's packed with caffeine (and taurine) which stimulates adrenaline and dopamine production and has its own version of a crash when the stimulants wear off and you return to normal, which I'm guessing happens at the 5-hour mark. It also has tons of vitamin B which supports metabolism and helps in red blood cell generation and DNA replication.
This sorry-looking photo confirms that this energy shot is pink. And liquid.
The drink itself looks and smells exactly like pink lemonade. So you can smell the lemons but can you taste it? Oh yeah. Along with a crapton of artificial sweetener. I avoid diet drinks at all costs because I cannot stand the taste of artificial sweetener in my store bought drinks (although I'm fine with it when it's in the little packets...go figure). This was no exception and I don't like the taste specifically because of the NutraSweet-ness. 
According to the 5-hour Energy website, you can feel this working in MINUTES.
Ok, I took this before my first wave of tiredness usually hits (around 10am), and I didn't catch myself dozing off like usual so I guess it's working. Now for Part 2: 5-hour Energy claims the effect will last for HOURS. Specifically five hours. But the website does point out that individual results may vary, so it in fact may not work for you at all if you're used to drinking 15 cups of coffee a day. 

Speaking of coffee, I should mention that one 5-hour Energy shot has the caffeine equivalent of an 8-ounce cup of coffee. That said, if you're part of the 15-cups-of-coffee-a-day group you may want to opt for the Extra Strength 5-hour Energy (yes, just like how Tylenol comes in extra strength, so do energy drinks), which contains the caffeine equivalent of a 12-ounce cup of coffee. It's still not equal to 15 cups but you probably shouldn't be drinking 15 cups a day anyway. If you're on the opposite end of the spectrum and are watching your caffeine intake you can go for the decaf version which has the equivalent to a 1/2 cup of decaf coffee. I'm not sure how well decaf 5-hour works since it sort of relies on caffeine for its touted effect.
So it's five hours later and I'm still wide awake. Looks like this energy shot thing works. I'm not a coffee drinker so I'm not used to high doses of caffeine, but I don't feel jittery or anything as long as I keep myself occupied. 

I guess now the big question is, Would I recommend this product? I drank both bottles on separate days with success, so based on my experiences so far I'd say it works. I wouldn't recommend using this as a daily thing because I really don't think that much caffeine is good for you, especially if you're like me and already drink a can of soda a day. But for the occasional pick-me-up I suppose it's fine. Plus, for every specially marked bottle of Pink Lemonade 5-hour Energy sold through December 31, Living Essentials (the makers of 5-hour Energy) will donate $0.05 to Living Beyond Breast Cancer, a nonprofit organization and support community that connects people with trusted breast cancer info. So go ahead and pick up a bottle or two and help support breast cancer awareness. Happy Pinktober (and Happy Halloween)!

Note: This post contains referral links. I received these Pink Lemonade 5-hour Energy shots complimentary from Smiley360 for testing purposes. This post reflects my honest opinions of this product.

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  1. I already posted on one of your other posts, i'm trying to get followers for my blog.. but I forgot to ask about the bloglovin'. What is it all about?

    I really wanted this mission. I love energy shots. I use $1 ones though because the 5 hour ones are too $$$