Monday, October 6, 2014

Smiley360 Mission - #PutYourLipsFirst with ChapStick dual-ended Hydration Lock

Okay, let's lay it all out right now. I'm probably one of those people your parents wouldn't want you hanging out with. No, I don't hang out in seedy places with hoodlums or panhandle on the streets, but I am probably the least health conscious person out there - I make Fat Tuesday a weekly thing, I ignore mystery body pains, and I never wore sun protection even if it's blazing out. Cause ain't nobody got time for that.

Then I was introduced to beauty boxes and it seemed like I was getting a sunscreen or lip balm in EVERY SINGLE box. What's a girl to do with 528,463 sun protectants? Use them, I guess. And so began my romance with lip balms. I've since grown quite a collection and rarely turn one down unless it's in a God awful color. So when Smiley360 offered to let me try ChapStick dual-ended Hydration Lock, I was so game.

If you haven't heard of them before, Smiley360 is an online review community in which you go on "missions" and receive free products to review in exchange for an honest opinion. Sometimes the product you get to review is full-sized; other times you receive samples, but the amount will always be enough for you to form an opinion on it.

ChapStick dual-ended Hydration Lock comes in two options:
  • Day & Night - ultra-conditioning day formula, soothing & replenishing night formula
  • Moisturize & Renew - Moisturize reduces the appearance of fine lines, Renew conditions and softens lips
I received the Day & Night variety from Smiley360.
The Day end is SPF 12 (what a weird number..) to help protect your lips during days out in the sun. The Night end has tamanu oil, coconut oil, and jojoba to replenish lips overnight.

Then there's the Moisturize & Renew variety.
The Moisturize end has CoQ10 and Hyaluronic spheres to smooth away fine lines in your lips.
The Renew end has shea and mango butters to moisturize and soften lips.

Also included in the kit were five coupons for $0.50 off a stick of dual-ended Hydration Lock. I already know I'll be using one to pick up the Moisturize & Renew stick.

I tried the Night end of the stick first and was very impressed. It was instantly hydrating. I avoided licking my lips for the rest of the night and when I woke the next morning my lips were still soft and moisturized! Then I tried the Day end. I thought this would be the real test since I'd be up all day talking and eating. (Because eating is a HUGE part of my day since I'm literally 5 feet from the office snack table) First of all, I really couldn't tell the difference between the Day and Night ends of the ChapStick. They both felt exactly the same. Same amount of hydration, same non-existent taste (great for guys who think most lip balms are "too girly"). Of course, The Day end didn't last 8 hours like the Night, but it did survive my snack break. Only when I brought out my lunch did it succumb to the ham & cheese goodness, but that's expected. The only downside is that I'm so used to twisting the tube from the bottom that every time I want to use the Day end I end up twisting the Night end and vice versa. *sigh* hashtag nitpicky. Overall, very impressed and like I mentioned earlier, I'll be picking up the Moisturize & Renew version as well.

If you want to experience the ultra hydration for yourself, click here to get a $0.50 coupon for ChapStick dual-ended Hydration Lock! Or if non-flavored ChapSticks aren't your thing, they've also got Mixstix, which have two flavors that can be used separately or together for combo fun. There's also Seasonal Flavors in Citrus Jelly Bean and Pomegranate Gumdrop and Flava-Craze ChapSticks in Grape, Fruit, and Blue Crazeberry. These sound so yummy I think I may have to pick up more than just the Moisturize & Renew one.

Note: This post contains referral links. I received Chapstick dual-ended Hydration Lock complimentary from Smiley360 for testing purposes and this post reflects my honest opinions of this product.


  1. Birchbox sent these out a couple months ago (or last month?) and I was kind of bummed that I didn't get one. Lip balm addiction 4 lyfe.

    1. Oh yeah, I thought I saw it popping up on some reviews! It really is a great little thingamajig. I've always kept a regular Chapstick in my desk at work but that's gonna get replaced now. With another Chapstick. Chapstick has outdone itself!

  2. I got one of these in my Birchbox and I ended up really liking it. Of course, I did add it to my pile of 987,361 lip products but...
    You sound just like me in regards to healthiness. I didn't really start using sunscreen til the beauty box overload, too. I love fatty food and ate chicken fried chicken and mashed potatoes with sausage biscuits and catfish while I was in Texas over the weekend. Oh, and sweet rolls. Mmmm! I ignore mystery body pains, too, and hate going to the doctor. If you didn't live in Hawaii, I'd think we were twins :D

    1. Haha totally! All that fried chicken and mashed potatoes talk is making me SO hangry right now. I like to think of it as a blessing in bf shakes his head at the boxes I get in the mail, but if it weren't for those boxes I'd still be frying in the sun. Oh yeah, how was Texas? So jealous of the horses!

  3. Received my sample and I'M LOVING IT!!! This has to be one of the best products that chap stick has put out! I have chronic dry lips and this did wonders on my lips!!! love love love it!

    1. Me too! I'm still looking for the Moisturize & Renew one, but I did pick up a Strawberry Banana Smoothie Mixstix and I'm in love with that as well. Chapstick has really stepped up their game lately!