Thursday, October 9, 2014

Walmart Fall Beauty Box Unboxing

Hi Walmart Beauty Box, so nice to see you. I was starting to think you stood me up. 

I know I always make fun of how long Birchbox and Julep take to reach me, but Walmart's box is the new winner. I picked up this box in the beginning of September and while everybody and their mom received theirs in the middle of the September, mine arrived over a month after I ordered it. But hey, at least it's here now. 

The brand new Walmart Beauty Box is a FREE seasonal recurring subscription box. The catch? It comes with a $5 shipping charge, which really isn't that bad. Since this box was technically free, I was expecting to get a box of foil samples. Nope! Read on to see what was inside.

Dove Oxygen Moisture Shampoo & Conditioner (Sample value: ~$0.40 each)- I've never tried Dove hair care before, but I do like their lotions and body washes so I was looking forward to trying this duo from the Dove Advanced Hair Series. The shampoo is nice and lathery. I like suds. The conditioner is on the thin side and not as creamy and hydrating as I'd like but it gets the job done. Neither left my hair stripped and squeaky so that's good. The full sizes of these (12 oz) retail at Walmart for just under $5 each.

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Hair Treatment (Sample value: $1.42)- This hair oil is also from Dove's Advanced Hair Series. It has macadamia, coconut, almond, and sunflower oils to nourish and protect your hair without leaving it greasy. It smells like baby powder. I guess it's nice if your hair smells like a baby's behind? Full size (3.38 oz) retails at Walmart for $11.98.

L'oreal Color Riche Glossy Balm - Pink Me Up (Full size value: $6.97) - Wow, a full size lip balm! Glossy Balm moisturizes lips while giving it a dose of high shine. This balm comes in a range of pinks. Pink Me Up is a nice magenta that some people can pull off, but not me. I'm a pale pink kind of gal. This particular one is near the middle of the Glossy Balm pink spectrum. I haven't opened it but based on pictures I've seen it looks kinda like Clinique's chubby stick. Not sure how similar the formulas are though. Retails at Walmart for $6.97.

Cover Girl Glosstinis Glowing Nights Nail Polish - #After Dark (Full size value: $2.97) - The Glosstini line has nail polish + topcoat in one so there's no need for a separate topcoat. I'd love to see how well the built-in topcoat works, but it seems like all the blues I've been getting are this same pastel blue so I have no shouldn't open this yet. Added novelty: this glows under black light :) I want to use up all my blues so I can give this a whirl already! Retails at Walmart for $2.97.

Nicki Minaj Pink Friday Perfume (Sample value: $1.20) - I'm not a huge fan of Nicki Minaj's musical stylings, but I have to admit I like her perfume. It has fruity starfruit and mandarin top notes followed by subtle jasmine. Then vanilla and musk become apparent in the dry-down. The bottle itself is a bust of Nicki Minaj (ha, see what I did there?) that actually does look like her. And of course the torso is completely blank except for the outline of a least that's what I'm calling it. Full size (1 oz) retails at Walmart for $29.97.

Secret Clinical Strength Deodorant - Completely Clean (Full size value: $7.92) - It seems like everywhere is promoting Secret deodorants lately. BzzAgent currently has a Secret deodorant campaign and Shopkick is offering points for scanning this line. Invisible solids are one of those things that take me forever to finish, but I'm glad I got this because I'm also one of those people who suddenly leave home in a rush after vegging out all day and forget all about deodorant. Easily forgotten but SO necessary. Now I can leave this in my truck so I'll never have to bear the nickname Sweaty Pits. I like how fresh and clean it smells. I was never a fan of floral-scented pits and I'm glad I don't have to be one now. Retails at Walmart for $7.92.

Neutrogena Nourishing Long Wear Makeup Sampler (No sample value) - This is an SPF 20 sunscreen/foundation that supposedly lasts for 12 hours. It improves skin tone with a silicone-based Tone Correcting Complex that contains soy, antioxidants, Vitamis A, C & E, and light-diffusing powders. The claim is that you'll see an improvement in 4 weeks. I know sample cards are the bane of subscription boxes but I appreciate this one because when it comes to color-matching you don't know what color really matches you unless you actually try it. Full size (1 oz) retails at Walmart for $13.97.

L'oreal Youth Code Texture Perfector Pore Vanisher (Sample value: $0.77) - The description for this sounds like a magic trick: "Reveal your most ideal skin now. Virtually Poreless Smooth Results Instantly: Pores appear virtually vanished." After one use your skin will look smoother; in one month your actual pore size decreases with the help of L'Oreal's Perline-P concoction. I understand the smoothing part since this is silicone-based, but I'm kinda skeptical about shrinking actual pores. With all the pore minimizing products I've tried I have yet to find one that will physically shrink them. Full size (1.4 oz) retails at Walmart for $17.97.

My overall opinion of the inaugural Walmart Beauty Box? SO impressed. I only had to dish out $5 and got over $22 worth of stuff. It's like I put a quarter in the gumball machine and got back the entire freakin' globe of gumballs.  And the best part (and I cannot stress this enough) is that these are all things you can find at your local mass retailer, e.g. Walmart! I'm all for saving a dime here and there, and if this box will help me discover some cheap finds that get the job done you can bet my thrifty wallet will choose that over an expensive luxury brand. Plus, I loved that the curation included a little bit of everything - hair, makeup, nail polish, fragrance, and hygiene. Totally win.

The Fall Beauty Box is sold out, but you can still reserve a Winter Beauty Box!


  1. Your box is TOTALLY different than mine!! I had no idea there was this level of variation! I'll be doing my review tomorrow and then you can see what I'm talking about. For $5 this is absolutely unreal deal! Even my mom signed up :D

    1. I know of two...I wonder if there were more??

  2. UHMYGAWWD this is amazing!! I've never even heard of it before! I'm signing up for this right now and I hope they send me this exact same thing, I love that deodorant and balm schtuff. Another great thing about this box? Not having to contend with the Wal-Martians in real life :P

    1. I totally agree! I can't believe how many people are there even at midnight! Glad you signed up...this was a complete steal! I can't wait till winter's box arrives...